Day 58: Week 9 Voting Poll of Big Brother Naija Season 7

Big Brother Naija 2022 (Season 7) Week 9 Voting Poll on Day 58

The Week 9 Voting Poll of Big Brother Naija Season 7 in 2022 is now out and there are six nominated housemates this week.

Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 9 Nominations

For this week’s Nominations, each Housemate had to spend 90 seconds pitching and selling themselves to the Head of House and Supreme Veto Power Holder, Chichi.

Child of grace, Groovy was first up.

Next up was Chizzy and instead of pitching, he decided to advise Chichi to take her time to make her decision.

Sheggz pitched himself by telling Chichi that if he did not win, he would want her or Bella to win.

Hermes celebrated Chichi on her win and pitched himself.

Bryann celebrated Chichi and also advised her to choose who she wants.

Adekunle came prepared and pitched himself in front of Chichi but she wasn’t convinced.

Rachel, Daniella, Bella and Phyna all had their individual turns to pitch themselves and try to convince Chichi.

In the end, Head of House Chichi used her Supreme Veto Power to Save and secure a spot at the Grand Finale for Daniella and Phyna.

Daniella got emotional while Phyna was excited to be chosen by Chichi.

This now means that six Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates are up for possible eviction from the Big Brother Naija house this week.

The housemates nominated and up for possible eviction this week are;

  • Adekunle
  • Bella
  • Bryann
  • Groovy
  • Hermes
  • Sheggz

And with that being said, we would like you all to tell us which Big Brother Naija 2022 housemates you are voting to save this week.

Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 9 Voting Poll

You can let us know who you are voting for this week by participating in our Online Voting Poll below.

BBNaija 2022 Week 9: Who Are You Voting?

  • Bryann (25%, 970 Votes)
  • Groovy (24%, 946 Votes)
  • Adekunle (21%, 824 Votes)
  • Bella (14%, 568 Votes)
  • Hermes (11%, 451 Votes)
  • Sheggz (5%, 183 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,679

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Likewise, you can still tell us which housemates you are voting for this week by simply dropping their names in our comment box below.


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203 Responses

  1. Rotimi says:


  2. Kings says:


  3. Meke says:


  4. edu says:


  5. Confidence says:

    Pls vote adekunle

  6. Confidence says:

    Adekunle for the money

  7. Martha says:

    Please vote for Adenkule, I begg

  8. Ngozi says:

    I vote Bryann for the money

  9. Boluwatife says:

    Groovy till day 72

  10. Tope says:


  11. Charity says:


  12. Tankiso Letuka says:

    Bella to the finale

  13. Tankiso says:

    Bella for money

  14. Esther says:

    Bella to the Finale. Ladies please let’s do it to Bella

  15. Omenife says:

    Bella for the Money, tell some to tell someone, no Bella no 💯 m

  16. Omenife says:

    Bella for the Money, tell someone to tell someone, that no Bella no 💯 m

  17. Henry says:

    Adekunle for the money

  18. Yemi says:

    Brayann all the way

  19. Yemi says:

    Love brayan

  20. Bibi says:


  21. Suzi Motshwane says:

    Groovy Groovy till day 72

  22. Suzi Motshwane says:

    Groovy Groovy

  23. christian chukubipi says:

    Am voting for groove my winner

  24. Nickson Kaitano says:

    I hope briany and groovy make it

  25. Nickson Kaitano says:

    groovy make it

  26. Ndidiamaka Cordi says:

    Groovy the child of grace for the N100m

  27. christian chukubipi says:

    Voting groove till day 72!

  28. christian chukubipi says:


  29. christian chukubipi says:

    Groovy till week 10

  30. christian chukubipi says:

    Groovy Groovy Groovy

  31. Merriam says:

    Let’s save Bella please

  32. Merriam says:

    We have to act fast now and save Bella. Please I’m begging you guys, spread the word and save Bella, from South Africa to Africa as a whole let’s save Bella

  33. Merriam says:


  34. Olga says:


  35. Josephine says:

    Adekunle is the password this week

  36. ashy-tsue says:

    my bryaan and Adekunle

  37. Ebuka says:

    Groovy and Bella

  38. Mims says:

    I vote for the most hated grounded strategic intelligent positive energy and right the first time guy ADEKONLE

  39. Bola says:


  40. Monday says:

    I vote groovy my fave

  41. david ngodigha says:

    I am voting Adekunle

  42. Esther says:

    Bryann all the way

  43. Adeolayeni says:

    Let’s vote for Bryan guys

  44. Enyonam Nketia says:

    I vote Groovy

  45. mimi boy says:

    bryan bryan bryan all the way

  46. Bryann says:

    Please vote for him

  47. Oluwatosin says:

    Definitely adekunle

  48. Atamba augustine terfe says:

    I go for HERMES I jvst want him on top five

  49. Nasiru ahmed says:


  50. Yemi says:


  51. Yemi says:

    Bryann for theoney

  52. Penelope says:

    Groovy please and Bryan to the Finale abeg#South Africa

  53. Maryam says:


  54. NASNELLY says:


  55. Michelle says:

    Adekunle to the world, please vote for Adekunle

  56. Yvonne says:

    Please save bryann

  57. Evelyn says:

    Bella for the money

  58. Tinah says:

    Bella the beautifully winner

  59. christian chukubipi says:

    I vote groovy

  60. Evelyn says:

    Africa for Bella plz

  61. christian chukubipi says:

    Groovy 100 over 100

  62. christian chukubipi says:

    Groovy again

  63. christian chukubipi says:

    Groovy big man

  64. Deco says:


  65. christian chukubipi says:

    Groovy good player

  66. christian chukubipi says:


  67. Adejoke says:

    Adekunle for the money

  68. Adejoke says:

    Adekunle,ade,kunle the guy

  69. Aurora says:

    Voting for grove

  70. Opeyemi says:


  71. Õffîxïãl says:


  72. Portia Pusoeng says:

    Adekole to the finals he deserve it

  73. Miracle Alexander says:


  74. Penelope says:

    Groovy to the finale

  75. Mummy T says:

    Groovy should be among the top 5

  76. Groovy says:

    Groovy to the final

  77. Timi says:


  78. Marcus says:

    Vote for Adekunle and Hermes 2King’s

  79. Marcus says:

    Adekunle to the final

  80. Ujunwa peace says:

    I’m voting for A…..dekunle in biggi’s voice

  81. Adekunle says:


  82. Sumbori boo says:


  83. Albert says:


  84. Sirri says:


  85. Esther says:

    Bella a MUST top 5. Guys let’s ashame haters by voting massively for Bella.

  86. Nannanoko says:

    I will like for groovey to stay in the big brother House

  87. Magdeline Applegreen says:

    I’m voting for the Trenches # Groovy and Brian my Trench boyz

  88. Grace K says:

    Am voting for Groovy

  89. chy Ochendo says:

    Groovy Groovy Groovy Groovy

  90. Olanrewaju olalekan Sunday says:


  91. Olanrewaju olalekan Sunday says:

    Groovy all d way to final

  92. Smith kenny says:

    Please vote Adekunle please

  93. Ebi says:


    • Victoria N Emmanuel says:

      Me I want bryaan to win the cash neatly, waste of time .

    • Imoniellu okeoghene Oluwafemi says:

      Adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle

  94. madando says:

    Voting for Adekule

  95. Sonia Francis says:

    My concentration is on GroovyMono and Bryan

  96. Gugu Precious Dlamini says:

    Voting for Brayaan

  97. Julia says:


  98. Blessing Ime says:

    Voting groovy for top 5

  99. Benji says:

    Groovy for the 100m winner

  100. uju philomina says:


  101. K P. M says:

    Groovy, Bryan and Adekunle

  102. Jamie says:

    Voting for my boy Groovy and baby bri❤🙌

  103. Ukaabam Louis says:


  104. Joy says:


  105. Alom Tonia says:

    Voting for groovy

  106. Christie says:


  107. Namanya Ritah says:


  108. Crystal says:

    Bryann bryann

  109. Crystal says:


  110. Sammy oluwaseun says:

    Am voting for Bryan

  111. Ademola says:


  112. Damzy says:

    Adekunle top 5

  113. Esther says:

    Adekunle all the way.

  114. Oto-obong says:


  115. Oto-obong says:


  116. Bimbo says:


  117. Trapatoni says:

    Bryan in the finals

  118. Omotola says:


  119. Eunice says:

    I am voting sheggz.

  120. Victoria N Emmanuel says:

    Am for bryaan.he should be the winner of the big brother season 7.

  121. LOVETH Jonathan says:


  122. Atuhaire Rose says:

    Much love for Adekunle here in uganda

  123. Muhereza Edmund says:

    Adekunle the content

  124. Joedaddy says:


  125. Rose Muhwezi says:

    Only Adekunle for the money

  126. Masa says:

    Voting for Adecunle

  127. Doris says:


  128. Doris says:


  129. Raissa Koffi says:


  130. Oladapo Olabintan says:


  131. Imoniellu okeoghene Oluwafemi says:

    Adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle adekunle

  132. Mike says:

    Gug let vote for Bryann

  133. angel says:


  134. Divinefavour says:

    I vote for bryann

  135. Manatsha says:


  136. Angela says:


  137. Sikem Dibala says:


  138. MarcMiloo says:

    Captain Adekunle

  139. MarcMiloo says:

    Adekunle di captain

  140. Ifeoma says:


  141. Anthony Egbo says:

    Brian Brian Brian for the money

  142. Joy says:


  143. AYomikun says:

    Bryan pls

  144. Sandra says:


  145. Christie says:

    Groovy for the money

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