Day 3: Uriel Leads The Housemates For The Morning Workout

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 3: Uriel Oputa Leads Housemates During Their Morning Workout

Big Brother Naija Season 2 Day 3 Morning Work Out.

Seems like everybody’s on cloud nine and we’re loving it.

Despite the gloomy weather today, spirits are high in the Big Brother Naija House! First to wake up was Kemen but it wasn’t long before everyone else followed suit and shuffled across to the arena for the morning workout.

Head of House Uriel really put the Housemates through their paces today! We think (and a lot of you agree) that she did an excellent job with the ab workout.

Even Kemen broke a sweat and that’s saying something. That didn’t stop them from having a blast though. They even paused for a dance break.

After the workout Kemen and Bisola had a chat about how the latter was having a hard time with cramps before heading back into the House to clean up and shower.

The Housemates are making breakfast now and Biggie is playing music so it’s lit and everyone seems so upbeat. A big surprise considering how late some of them stayed up last night working out! The guys even did a cute, choreographed routine in the mirror for our viewing pleasure.

Now we wait for the big reveal of today’s daily task. Here’s to hoping Biggie goes easy on them so they stay as happy as they are now though let’s be real, that’s not likely.

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