Uriel Becomes The New Head of House

Uriel Oputa Becomes Head of House In The Big Brother Naija House

In a surprising turn of events, Efe handed over his crown and royal ornaments to Uriel, naming her today’s Queen and Head of House.

During yesterday’s Diary Session, Uriel received a secret task from Big Brother, with strict instructions on the consequences. She spent last night thinking about whether or not to go through with it, and this morning decided to go for it. She took the piece of paper that was sitting on the table in the garden and went on to read out the Task to the Housemates – at the expense of her immunity for two weeks.

“Big Brother would like you to work together to return [the items that are out of place around the house] back to their correct place in the House. Teamwork is the key to success in this.”

Housemates then got started on the Task, by looking at the decorative articles that were removed from the House and tried to remember the original positions they were in. Their focus was directed at winning this specific task so as to offer some sort of solace to Uriel who has clearly placed her future in the House in jeopardy.

After the Housemates had replaced all the articles Biggie had taken out of the House, they all sat down to have their breakfast in the kitchen.

Suddenly, Head of House Efe decided to interrupt breakfast with a special birthday present to Uriel; His Head of House crown and royal ornaments to celebrate her day, and also thank her for going through with the Task that Biggie gave her. Sweet right? Or is it a strategy? You can make your selection on our Twitter Poll and let us know.

Either way, we say All Hail Head of House Uriel, our new Queen.

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