ThinTallTony Opens Up – “I Did Not Deny My Family And The BJ Wasn’t Real”

ThinTallTony Says He Did Not Deny His Family While Inside The Big Brother Naija 2017 House

Ex-Big Brother Naija 2017 contestant ThinTallTony has said he did not deny his family while on the show and the BJ we thought we saw wasn’t real. This happened during his interview with Beat FM yesterday.

According to ThinTallTony, before going into the show, he had a conversation with his wife and because they are very private people who like to keep their private lives private, they agreed he should keep his family out of the show.

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After the cut is a video of that moment. Responding to a question on whether he had such discussion with his wife, ThinTallTony said:

Yes, before I went into the house, myself and my wife, we did speak. We are very private people so we like to keep our private lives private, she’s my backbone and I can’t make any decision without her asking or directing me. So, she made it clear before I went into the House that you keep my family out of it. I want the world to know you for who you are, your talent, which is what I have been hustling with.

As he answered, Maria Okan, one of the On-Air-Personalities interjected him, saying,

Save your breath… Hold on… So how do we know that you are not lying? Where is the proof? So because of the N25 million you and your wife decided that you’ll just rubbish your whole marriage, so that you can go and collect money inside the house? There’s the difference between lying and keeping it private?

Responding to a question from Osi Suave on what happened between him and Bisola under the covers, ThinTallTony, said,

Nothing actually went down.

Watch the full interview below:

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7 Responses

  1. Ugigi says:

    Hey TTT, your wife took to social media to confirm your marriage and family when it was announced you claimed you were single. That is not a sign of an agreement to keep privacy.
    That said, this man obviously knows how to manage women alongside with settling it out with his family. Bisola and Tboss never dared to questions that could shift his attention away when he flirted with both of them. On top of that, his wife was campaigning for him.
    So ladies, an encounter with a guy like TTT is possibly an accident though you may like him all the same.
    But then, who actually watched or saw the BJ that was so publicised.

  2. benito says:

    Dis beatfm's OAP, isn't dat a rude wayto interview somebody? If I was ttt I swear I wld walk out! Wat insolence! Madwoman! Is it ur marriage? R u his wife to ask for prove? Nigerian single women can irritate someone sef! Why r u vexing ontop his marriage ish

    • AGB says:

      @Benito, you couldn't have said it better. From what I read up here, the OAP was fucking rude? Is it her marriage? I don't understand why we, Nigerians never mind our businesses.

  3. Anonymous says:

    But ttt is a ducking liar abeg. The way the dude lies, I doubt he would get any endorsement as its obvious he has integrity talented as you are, ttt you are a serial liar!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Talented I must say. Integrity zero!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ttt can lie for Africa

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