TBoss’ Sister Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend [Photos]

TBoss' Sister Wendy Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend

TBoss’ lookalike sister, Wendy just got engaged to her baby daddy and lover of 10 years, Dameon, together they have 6-year-old daughter.

Dameon proposed to the Big Brother Naija Housemate’s sister on Instagram live, as the Big Brother Naija eviction show was going on, and she said YES!!

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Wendy is TBoss’ lookalike sister, who was spotted with Miyonse when he got evicted from the Big Brother Naija house.

TBoss' Sister Wendy Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend
TBoss' Sister Wendy Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend

She’s also TBoss’ chief campaigner on Instagram.

Congratulations to Wendy and her lover…

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12 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


    • baby says:

      And d whole of africa just hate u too! Dumbass!dats why u wld remain anonymous for d rest of ur miserable life, u lowlife motherfucker

    • ezeugo says:

      Anonymous, u don't want to v sense abi! Obviously u r yoruba, so I'm sure u r a teambisola! I dont blame u na, ashawo is ur hobby, keep foolin urself. Olodo

  2. Anonymous says:

    How this sister palava take concern bbnaija. wandas shall never end.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cos u were blind when bisola's dauta and orobo exhubby and efe's parents were also displayed? It's tboss now it's no longer a bbnaija affair,hypocrites everywhr. Too judgemental for my likin! All cos he refused to declare his marital status u Nigerian hypocrites chased away my ttt, now tboss is declarin her family,trouble! Bbnaija got borin d moment ttt walked out dat door and man-vis is stil in dat house

  3. DDTO says:

    no people dont b like that pls! We were shown wife of TTT, Efe parents and Bisola kids and boyfriend and nobody complained. Dont act like herfans pls ….her sister is beautiful..remember its a game, u r now personalising and being emotional abt this whole thing! Im efenation ..I dont hate her but she does irritate me most of the and it ends there

    • omosexy says:

      Pls tell ur brodas and sistas in ur teamefe that, cos wheneva it comes to tboss' matter deir brains evaporate

  4. Precious Ukwu says:


  5. Fredrick Eguabor says:

    Congratulations Wendy happy marriage life dear I am teamefe

  6. ezeadi helen says:

    Can you guys stop being childish and hating on each other. We are one Nigeria, just be happy for her and support who you want to support. I am teamefe and I think she is beautiful

  7. Amy nwa says:

    Fuck google up for demanding comment from me! cos I hv none lol. Beautiful lady doi.

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