TBoss Is Considering Leaving The BBNaija House

TBoss Wants To Leave The Big Brother Naija House

Big Brother Naija 2017 contestant TBoss Idowu might consider leaving the house according to what she told fellow housemate Debie-Rise during a one on one conversation.

TBoss opened up to Debie-Rise that she has already informed Biggie about her plans.

And in reply a shocked Debie-Rise shouted “stop it!” but TBoss insisted that she wants to leave simply because she misses her family so much.

Hmmm!!…..one can wonder whether TBoss is a bit scared of receiving fewer votes from the voting public.

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9 Responses

  1. brenda from zambia says:

    Efe is my best ever.he has no moods as compared to others.tboss thinks she is old enough than others. if thats the case why did she come and mixed herself with the young ones.infact she is the most bored in the house.i dont hate her but i think she is got a hiden agend pliz tboss go well home my dear.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesus! Ur English alone can make someone arrogant! And u too want to insult tboss? Abeg go and play, adults r talkin

  2. DDTO says:

    LoL Mary u r soo mean!! I dont have a problem with her staying this week but I am supporting Efe!! Just hope the votes of her fans will be sufficientto keep her in the house for this week!! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please go….nobody will miss u at all.I need someone that values the 25M to win,not someone that will lavish it in one week.

  4. Mary Martins says:

    Let her go already

  5. Constance Azuike says:

    She wants to leave bcos she feel hated in d house n thinks Nigerians hate her as well so Pls go to WeChat n give TBoss ur 100 vote thereby she won't be any reason to leave n also feel loved by we outside d house

  6. DDTO says:

    i love watching her and not her supporter.. I support Efe, marvis, Bisola and bassey! I however will be sad if she leaves/gets evicted this week as I would like TTT and Debbie to leave, to reduce the number of people possibly ganging up (unawares) to nominate marvis/efe…so I really need her to stay this week as she has no strong connection with none of the HHs compared to debbie..

    Apart from the site, fans also create stories and people forget that the cameras sometimes catch the HHs in the middle of discussions and people end up misinterpreting the whole thing. Look at how marvis was attacked for saying Efe thought being his fake husband qualifies him for sex and she is not ready. also when she said better the devil she knows, people misintepreted that to something negative….I just dont know when its admin playing the fan game….

  7. Aliona marshall says:

    This is a lie, a big lie from pit of hell. Who ever that's running this page is anti TBoss bcs d person 1st posted dat edited fake video of TBoss and now posting an old photo of what happened in d house which was as a result of quarrel since 3days ago. D heartless person can not post videos of TBoss begging her fans for vote! Hmmmmmmm God is watching and I believe with God dis website will be the end of this person. Please let's not be fooled TBoss fans. She's begging us to vote and save her please let's save the queen. Vote TBoss to 32052 and WeChat too. God will continue to bless us all!!!!!!!! TeamTBoss

  8. Anonymous says:

    Shame…shebeen queen feeling the heat! I love her though!

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