TBoss Cheapens Biggie’s Grand Prize Of ₦25 Million, She Says Men Hitting On Her Own Private Jets

TBoss Says Big Brother's Grand Prize Of ₦25 Million Is Too Little

With a few weeks left for Big Brother Naija 2017 to end, the tension inside the house is also increasing and it led TBoss to even reveal the class of men hitting on her outside the Big Brother Naija house.

TBoss believes and is very sure that her fellow housemates don’t like her a single bit and while having a one on one conversation with Efe, she had the following to say..

“I don’t know exactly how or what you would want me to do. Trust me if you give me that 25 Million, I will spend that money before next week.”

“I have people hitting on me that have fucking private jets, you guys don’t like me, it’s a competition I’m not here to make friends, I’m done.” She told Efe.

So in simple terms TBoss is trying to say that she doesn’t need Biggie’s grand prize of ₦25 Million and in her opinion, she would gladly spend it within just a week.

What do y’all have to say about this, Please let us know by dropping a comment in one of our comment boxes below..

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16 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHA @TBOSS, granny

  2. Anon says:

    She said great relationships are greater that money. You people are part of the problem.

  3. Los Jepush says:

    T Boss should be disqualified for uttering such statement. With such statement, she claims to be bigger than prize money and obviously not in the house for the money which is the primary objective of all housemates, so she owes us an explanation why she is in the house.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hahahahahahahahah! Ive never laughed like this! Shebeen Queen signing her way out of the house! I like her though …my vote is for Efe, Marvis and Bisola anytime they are in danger…like this week but Efe TOPPPPPPPPS my list!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The hatred for TBoss is too much abeg,I feel people judging her with this statement are doing so based on hear-say.I watched the conversation and all she was trying to say is that relationship matters more than money. she's the most misunderstood housemate in there but Tboss baby, you ain't going anywhere. i'll rather spend my monthly income just to save you, haters gonna hate but i care less.

  6. Aino says:

    Next time you better try quoting everything she said for people to make sense out of it because it seems like you are trying to de campaign her. Leave TBoss alone, if you have nothing positive to say!

  7. News Report says:

    Serious… Tboss need to leave dis house… she is too arogant and proud as empty as she is.. can you imagine, spending 25million naira in 1week?? even her family can leave large on dat money for d rest of dia life…. Nonsese!

    • Anonymous says:

      U sound even more stupid and daft! If 25m can feed ur own entire generation, dats ur own opinion, na garri u dey drink? If u don't watch d show, keep quiet and stop embarrassin ur old age, agbaya

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!unbelievable even coming from the official website she said: what is 25 million, that she could finish it in a week when she pays tax and puts it in "stuffs" (she didnt give details about "stuffs" now tell me how many honest citizens of nigeria pay their tax!
    If she properly invests the 25millions its hoje as in gone out of her account, it could be a bad deal maybe, but she never said her intentiond about how to spend it
    I have people hitting on me that have private jets, if she was about that life, she would have followed the private jet owners who could hvae given her 25 million or more, that way you wouldnt have to be in the show so people can start misquoting herand hating her!
    What is 25million that can finish, 25million… it will finish, but frienship can give you the 25million or more, you didnt hear her say that part? Or the fact that she said she knows everyone in the house hates her but its a competition and not there for frienship, but she seems to be only reminded when Ebuka says it to them, and that its a game and doesnt have anything against Efe, that after the game the could still be friends,.or the fact that she said she cant speak to him in the manner they speak to her regardless shes 10 years older than him
    I saw a comment about a south african saying people from nigeria hate tboss while she is loved over africa, then i remembered the case of the late goldie how nigerians pull her down verbally all over social media down to the very end of the show, the reason this country is this way, is that we hate ourselves..lets love one another

  9. Anonymous says:

    TBoss is just too arrogant!!!…….She felt she is better than everyone else. We Nigerians dont like arrogance no matter where you come from. Nigerians are objective people ….. She cmplained of people not liking her but she voted out the very person that loves her most in the house (Mync)…… Sorry to conclude she is not qualified for the money. Surely know some people might could still vote for her. But she didn't deserve it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did she come dere wit miyonse? Abeg, ur point is baseless, on to d next sensible tin cos u just said rubbish

  10. divarie says:

    Y are pple blaming big brothers official website?this is the same website that has been promoting Tboss and at some point I thought someone had paid them to do so or they were just been partial in taking the side of Tboss all the time,but for this same page to bring this up really shows how hurt they are at tboss's arrogance,just imagine u were the organizer and someone reduces ur show to noting how will u feel?. I know Tboss was angry but its not sufficient to talk like that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please my advice and suggestion to voters is that they should vote for HM that needs this money. Some of the house-mates came from rich family. Bally is from a rich home, he travels overseas every now and then. Tbose came from a rich family, she schooled in Romania. Marvis attended one of the best private universities in the south-south of Nigeria. She does not know how to do domestic chores cos she came from a rich family and they have house helps. Bisola and TTT are already working and doing well in the careers. Bassey, Debrise and Efe should be consider for the money, most especially the low life house mates. By so doing we the voters can give then hope.

  12. nikky SA richards bay says:

    tboss wil unfair if she she wins efe must win please tboss oh gosh that granny must go home and look after her kid and husband fat liar i dont trust tbosssy she is bosssy arrogant to demanding crying baby always complaining for nothing

  13. nikky SA richards bay says:

    there is something wrong here about the percentage obviouse ttt is living may with debbie efe suppose to win but i am smelling tboss will win she is love by somoene behind the seen but i wont say who everything is clear

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