Day 18: Rico Swavey Slams Housemates For Wasting Food

Day 18: Rico Swavey Slams Housemates For Wasting Food

Yesterday Rico Swavey let his feelings known to his fellow housemates for their habit of wasting food in the Big Brother Naija house.

A visibly pissed off Rico Swavey blew off some steam and set the Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates straight about their food etiquette.

Rico was of the view that housemates must stop wasting food in the house and yet there are millions of people in the world who are starving.

He clearly asked all the housemates to only take food on their plates that they very well know they’ll be able to eat and finish.

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“We cannot come and be wasting food in this place, every time I’ll be washing plates I see someone just leaving on half something there and you cannot eat somebody’s half food, it doesn’t make any sense.” Rico stated.

There are people out there on the streets, they’re starving, ok. So please I’m begging everybody in this house, take what you know that you can eat and finish. It’s a personal something to me, I’ve seen beggars out there, they’re dying on the streets, they’re looking for what to eat and we’re wasting food here. It doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t, so please I’m begging from today on wards, if you know that you cannot finish the food, reduce it, cut and give somebody that can eat it, an angry Rico further stated.

Rico Swavey Slams Housemates For Wasting Food

To be honest Rico Swavey was very right given the fact that this season’s group of housemates is so careless, they really don’t care about anything. Ranging from adhering to the rules of the Big Brother house.

I mean, we’ve all seen Biggie punish them on several ocassions with the latest being on Tuesday night when he sent in his ninjas who showered them with cold water in the garden [Read more on that here].

Well kudos to Rico Swavey for his efforts in trying to get his fellow housemates to do the right thing and lets hope they’ll adjust a little bit and not waste food again.

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