Nina’s Boyfriend Deletes All Her Photos From His Instagram Account

Apparently a one Collins who is said to be the boyfriend of Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Nina Ivy has deleted all her pictures from his Instagram account.

All this comes after Nina’s romantic relationship with fellow housemate Miracle since the show started in late January in which the pair has also gone ahead to have sexual intercourse inside the Big Brother house.

It is said that Collins has been very disappointed with his girlfriend Nina’s behaviour especially when she knows that whatever happens in the house is being televised.

And after deleting all of Nina’s photos from his Instagram account, Collins also changed the settings of his account to private.

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However it is not yet clear whether the lad has decided to dump Nina or he’s still into her, but what we can confirm is that he has deleted any trace of Nina from his Instagram account.

A Twitter user @Amyraahs who might have had a conversation with Collins posted a screenshot of their recent conversation stating that Nina’s boyfriend has not yet dumped her even though he has deleted all her photos from his Instagram.

In the conversation, Collins wrote that “I only removed the pictures cause different blogs were taking them and attaching different stories that are not true”.

Now this simply means that Collins has not yet dumped Nina and for now he’s waiting for her to exit the Big Brother Naija house in order to proceed with their relationship.

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