Miyonse Shades Efe – “Big Brother Naija Is Not A Poverty Alleviation Scheme”

Miyonse Amosu Shades Efe

Former Big Brother Naija 2017 contestant, Miyonse Amosu threw some shade at housemate, Efe when he responded to a tweet about Efe coming from a humble background.

Miyonse reacted to the tweet saying: we are all from humble backgrounds, that everyone deserves an equal chance to win the show because it’s not a poverty alleviation scheme.

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Check out the tweets below:

Miyonse Amosu Shades Efe On TwitterAnd then this one is killer check it below:
Miyonse Amosu Shades Efe On Twitter

Miyonse Amosu Shades Efe On Twitter

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43 Responses

  1. Esther says:

    ALL animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Efe is a tamed man and will manage to deal with public at all costs and deserve to win the money.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Miyonse you should be ashamed of yourself,you forgot about aim of being in the house and you turned yourself to tboss personal assistant and she still voted you out.Just hide your head in shame.

    • mathias boubai says:

      Talk true na,Tboss no vote him out,she only nominated him.point of mistake.thks.

  3. DDTO says:

    and people b saying Efe is a hater whilst people are hating evn after leaving the BB Naija house!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    If it's not, why were you there yourself in the first place???..pls park well. Na hustle carry all of una go there…and Efe's still in the house, in the finals sef… But remind me what happened to you(oga Miyonse) please…. 1st to leave BB house cos you lost focus and became a follow-follow…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Miyounce or what ever you call yourself indeed you are a shameless he-goat and a fool without direction. You left the house because a a woman and you still fighting for that woman woman. People like you end up in hell-fire all because of woman

  6. Anonymous says:

    Those two friends hiding behind Efe and Bisola will later on spoil the winning for him/her at the finals. This is an opportunity to vote them out so Efe or Bisola will stand a better chance. So therefore make hare while the sun shines. Hmmmmmmm…a word is enough for the wise. If not either of the other will win. Mark my word!!!!

  7. Zine Kati says:

    Miyonce get SEVERAL SEATS, u are bitter because you want TBoss to win, u are pathetic, like who does that, you went there to get the money as well but CLEARLY you did not get that you just became TBoss's slave and she nominated you in the end…GROW UP AND FIND SOMETHING TO DO BECAUSE U ARE LOST RIGHT NOW

  8. DDTO says:

    I dont think so..I however am sceptical abt one of Efes friends fans..I dont want to mention names! I strongly believe Efe fans put Efe first! If one looks at the evicted people fans, Miyonce, Gifty and Cocoice fans should be towards TBoss because she is seen as a victim….TTT fans are split between Bally and Debbie, Bisola fans were split between Debbie and Bally…but whoever is backed by Efe fans seems to top the list. In my opinion, I think Efe has managed to lure most of the voters! He made three bold moves from the beginning three week in a row, giving his title to Uriel, winning the games first time and stealing a crown to go back to being HOH..I mean that was enough to impress/capture peoples interests…..We shall see though…quite interesting dynamics going on there!

  9. UNKOWN says:


  10. UNKOWN says:

    @DDTO Agreed!!!!

  11. GRACE IMALA says:

    Miyonse u re a BIG FOOL, u re bitter because u didn'make it to final after t boss nominated u to leave d house u re still talking .u want tboss to win d money when bisola, efe, mavis nd bally re still in dat house. Just forget it dat can never work u should be ashame of ur self. Pls we efe fas take God beg u just leave efe out of dis bbnaija is a game nd efe is playing is game well.

  12. christina says:

    You are stupid. HUMBLE DOESNT MEAN POOR. U stupid thing. And even if he is there to become rich….what the fuck is wrong with that. And why u tweeting anyways u been irrelevant since u left only use tboss to stay relevant BIATCH NIGGA. fuck off

  13. Anonymous says:

    I belief the best person should win and please don't be haters towards T Boss she's got morals, she's decent and shows respect and doesn't gossip as many others do in the house (backstabbers) and as for EFE sorry. TBoss can teach many others in the house a thing or two. You go girl.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I say it again whether Efe or whoever wins the Big Brother Naija, it doesn't matter, i mean they wont even share the money with you.lol… From my years of watching the big brother game, these new contestants seem not to know that this is just a game, even their fans take things personally. You need to nominate your competition, not save them…lol…you will create friendships after…eish la nkhenya maan…but well, we will nominate based on logistics…kwaaaaaaa….hai big braaadaaa….

  15. Anonymous says:

    Make who tell miyonce say make e try to borrow small money make e go open buka not restaurant, if e follow T boss e go see himself for brother house hellfire and no eviction for there, i beg miyonce wise try be like Beyonce.

  16. Anonymous says:

    U went there with d same purpose as Efe to win d 25m but instead u lost ur focus and became a slave to tboss and in the end she nominated u out of the game….u did not smell 3rd week u were booted out and u are there hating on d game player Efe who is in d finals already…miyonce u should be ashamed of urself hate d game abeg leave d player

  17. Anonymous says:

    Boring Meyonse You are the weakest link we are going to vote Efe and you are Jealous of him poverty or no he is being loved by Africa just check the percentage.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This show is not a talent show.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Shame you are fighting for T.Boss she also hates Efe

  20. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect we need to understand that as viewers we know better than the HM cos they have no idea who has more fan base than the other and for once lets just support who we choose to support without insulting, Bisola did well by saving Efe since he didn't nominate her last week when he was UHOH, let's cut them some slack pls guys its hard to be in the house for so long with complete strangers fighting for 1 award, may the best person win.

  21. Anonymous says:

    very true,easy to talk from the other side of the fence judging cos we know who is who,lets put ourselves in their shoes for once…..

  22. Jonathan Ikpama says:

    see mumu meyoncy abi mayonise jealousy and pride nae want kill u so……. you wen go there go do woman rapper for tboss… when make dsame tboss put u on eviction, not only did u leave, u got home and was dumped by your girlfriend….. shameless you opening ur mouth to talk about great men like KING EFE , CAPTAIN NIPPLES for that matter???? You better go offline cox u are a looser and efe is 100 trillion times bigger than u, and Tboss doesn't send u so u better go beg ur gf and get a life u little lousy cook…. lwkmdh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. brenda from zambia says:

    efe for the money i have no doult he will make to the finals come what may.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ifeee ifeee to. The final

  25. Anonymous says:

    Tell that to those who are losing my dear and see what happens! the truth is sour to those who dont want to accept it.. the only people they see relevant are the ones they r supporting funny because the team that they keep bashing is winning…theres nothing they can do abt it…lets just say GOd works miracuosly and the God they keep mentioning keeps on pouring his fvaour upon the no nothing team…may be they need to reflect thoroughly because all were doing is campain and vote and all theyre doing is the opposite! and because we have got hands and eyes to read it, they must bring it on! The DEVIL is a liar!! Lol..

  26. nikky SA richards bay says:

    i have nothing to say to that idiot miyonce unexperiance go to hell and learn

  27. Anonnymus SA says:

    I even forgot there s was a young man who felt in luv with his mom an.follow all instruction frm.his old lady an then she nominated him aft she realised that u have small mind,leave Efe alone when he was serious in a game u followed old lady s instruction.instead of entertaining us bt now u have a mouth to talk shutup

  28. Anonnymus SA says:

    I even forgot there s was a young man who felt in luv with his mom an.follow all instruction frm.his old lady an then she nominated him aft she realised that u have small mind,leave Efe alone when he was serious in a game u followed old lady s instruction.instead of entertaining us bt now u have a mouth to talk shutup

  29. Anonymous says:

    So true that efe is so conny but he blinded Nigerians but the rest of Africa can read through his fake real ass
    From eastafrica

  30. Anonymous says:

    Myonise you lost your dad but you still went into BBN house why? Same money reason if u have sense u won't talk again.am not surprised cos Africa knows you as sugar boy, puppy,slave,toy boy, mumu, not man enough,agbepo,oloshi, wise up smallie.

  31. Anonymous says:

    OLODO Myonise thats y u went for woman not money… idiot.. look at hw woman tricked u n still making history over u in bigbrother house

  32. Anonymous says:

    I wish these contestants could better the previous Biggy shows, but NO all they do is gossip, in fighting, disgrace themselves, and ALL some of them do is EAT EAT EAT….or pick noses sis man on national TV. I've watched them all without fail and know what i'm talking about. Yes, they had fights and disagreed on things but tomorrow it was past tense.
    Why could they not stand out like Richard Bezuidenhout,Kevin,Uti, Otono and my ultimate favourite Karen Igho those were entertainers guys not this we have nowadays. Come on guys entertain us instead of being such boring people…… Miss you Bassey proper GENTLEMAN and more.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I agree, Efe might havea gang following but truth be told he is not entertaining….. may be for those who have just joined the game. This is reality entertainment not poverty campaign…. he is only safe coz Africa aint voting…..Bisola all the way.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Truth be told Bisola deserves to win,Efe needs the money more she does cos he is not entertaining and I don't think he can make any money from endosements after this show whereas Bisola will go far even if she doesn't win.Even Tboss is more entertaining than Efe, i would prefer the price to go between Tboss or Bisola

  35. Anonymous says:

    Its funny because people keep on saying all the negative things as if Efe is voting for himself / big brother himself chooses the winner! Arent the votes the truth, I mean what the majorities want? What more truth do people need? ANyway, the finale.. is still coming! SO TBoss is entertaining according to you since you put her at the same level as Bisola..Ag go get a life marn and for once ..truth truth truth whereas you have an evil heart! Since when has been TBoss entertaining? This is simple people will vote for the winner…and you can whine and do your nyhwe nhywe nhywe thing..
    Of course all the housemates even those that left the house week one have better exposure than before entering the house..but dont come here and talk lies …the only thing you are realising is that yo favourite has little chances of winning of the housemates remaining in the house you all EVIL PEOPLE know that the competition is between EFE and BISOLA…but whatever happens happens SUNDAY..dont come here and talk thrash about other peoples favourites because yours is hopeless!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Im watching what TBOss did at tonites games, sabotaging ..which is a good thing because its a game..the worst part is her fans are cheering her…but when the others win , TBOSS is a victim…it just proves how desperate you evil people are ….understand that th game goes both ways…afterall, I think its fair that all nominated people face the music and stay in the house based on votes! from the polls, the sabotage is not gonna change the situation because the 4 were going to save Bally and leave Marvis who is leading in all the polls…the sabotage is not gonna change anything…it just better if we all understand that its a game both ways and STOP the OBVIOUS JEALOUSY!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    You see yourself now dull baby miyonse….clueless tbore toy boy! Will you kip quiet!!!

  38. loveth okwuchi says:

    No, it's miyonce alleviation scheme. just look at who is talking!!! I tot u should have being busy moving toward in ur career as other HMs has done. or are you jealous that EFE is still there & Ur mind is telling u that he has fans that will help him reach final & u r doing this to destroy/ spoil their minds?? Just go & seat DOWN Mr. chef…..

  39. osadjere misan says:

    Meyoce is sick in the head, he's just jealous of Efe..

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