Kemen Disqualified From Big Brother Naija 2017

Kemen Disqualified From Big Brother Naija 2017

Breaking: Kemen has been disqualified from Big Brother Naija 2017 after what is believed to be sexual harassment on TBoss.

According to the video footage that surfaced earlier this morning, Kemen was seen try to force sexual moves with TBoss something that really called for disciplinary action from Biggie.

The main sponsors of the show, PayPorte earlier released an official statement about the same matter which read:

An Official Statement From PayPorte On The Incident Between Kemen and TBoss:

Hello Everyone,

Based on last night’s footage of @Kemen_fitness making sexual moves on @officialtboss_ which sparked a large outrage, we will like to make our stance known on this matter.

PayPorte is strongly against sexual harassment and perversion and we strongly condemn Kemen’s actions.

We believe individuals whether under the influence of alcohol or being sober, should have high morals.

We will be taking a decisive action on this. We will be updating you shortly

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61 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    useless cheap Tboss you will leave once you come up for eviction again. Oloshi mumu way small boys dey put hand for yash for that house.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rubbish! Big brother is fucked up. i am a woman and don't see anything wrong with the video because Tboss was awake and knew that kemen was touching her. she opened her eyes and adjusted. why didn't she tell him to stop. im not a fan of kemen but evicting him was too harsh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    advocating for women's rights I was once a victim of attempted rape by someone I thought was a friend. Worried about the perpetrator's reputation u are also a perpetrator of wrong doings.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tboss was called a bitch and a white fool. IS this legal in your Country? What if Tboss called Bisola a bitch or a black fool. I think your country would have been on fire. Your morals are low. OMW Have you seen dogs when they are on heat, always smelling the mate's ass. Even the animals instinctively know that the male is the hunter. Why do you admire Bisola stil?. That man is married with two kids

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is shit nah, did tboss shout?
    She liked it but only reacted when biggie announced it so as to look innocent and be pitied

  6. Anonymous says:

    Calling Bisola a disgrace or insulting her is bullcrap in my opinion. If someone that molested you is telling the housemates a story that is false why keep quiet. Her silence condemned her. Bisola and the others were only going by what they were told and as soon as they heard "her side" they apologised. But people will never see that part always quick to condemn Bisola. You don't have to like her but don't condemn her for having human emotions. Most of us would have reacted the same way in that situation, maybe even worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh really?'people r always quick to condemn bisola' indeed! Last time I checked, bisola is d head of d condemnin squad, if u r not in her click u automatically don't deserve to b heard. She's done it to debby and tboss severally, so abeg don't even go dere, bisola is d chief condemner in dat house

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kemen deserves whats coming to him. Apart from purshing Tboss unnecessarily, he's been behaving like someone under heat. He's equally a big time gossiper and conspirator who feels that he's better than any other housemate in BB's house. And Bisola is a an embarrasement to womanhood for calling Tboss names without finding out what went on, all because Kemen is her friend. She's been bullying other housemates in the house and if she doesnt take care, it will be her downfall, thats if she hasn't fallen already. Father Christmas like her!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    yooh Keman i new that his was going home biggie should have waited for the eviction show to evict him then let him leave like that, his futures is now a mess. I disagree with his doing it is wrong and Tboss should have reported him or argue with him at least then saying she didn't here anything she saw but yoooh Keman.

  9. Lerato MyBaby says:

    Leave my Queen B alone.

  10. Anonymous says:

    your right no one make sense according to you ,because sense was left in bigbrother diary section. Only moron can't have morals.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Big brother is buyers. I saw the video clip.I spoke in a woman point of view. Tboss lied and I think it's because big brother tell tboss to do so.for securing bbn reputation. This two always they were doing advances to each other Kemen is a human.this ladies sometimes seduce this poor guys and forget this are human being. For me tboss is a fake and always she is pretending as if this guy's are after her. Big brother has a thing for tboss. Why didn't wait for tboss to report it if he didn't like what happened. Even your boyfriend touch you while fast asleep you will wake up. What more a stranger. But the is one thing about money it kills your innerself, only God knows the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Biko, madam 'woman's point of view' go learn to express urself first so we can undastand u cos u actually just didn't make sense

  12. IJAY says:

    Busola please can you just shut that your mouth, you are a mother for crying out loud, 2,you have a daughter, so what rubbish are you spitting, pls chill. kemen is a pervert, he so deserve it

  13. Anonymous says:

    There are two sides to a story and we are only hearing just one side. Its only Kemen and Tboss who know the real truth of what happened.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Big brother is buyers. I saw the video clip.I spoke in a woman point of view. Tboss lied and I think it's because big brother tell tboss to do so.for securing bbn reputation. This two always they were doing advances to each other Kemen is a human.this ladies sometimes seduce this poor guys and forget this are human being. For me tboss is a fake and always she is pretending as if this guy's are after her. Big brother has a thing for tboss. Why didn't wait for tboss to report it if he didn't like what happened. Even your boyfriend touch you while fast asleep you will wake up. What more a stranger. But the is one thing about money it kills your innerself, only God knows the truth.

  15. tommy says:

    One thing u guys should know Tboss was never at sleep, she knew kemen was going to fall for her anticks, so she pretended that she was at sleep, immediately kemen turn to Cary out is smushing Tboss opened his eyes and watch kemen tubing her then she shift to edge of the bed.the video is evidence. My problem is why would big brother hide the video for fellow house mate, taking side by protecting Tboss, becos Tboss had called the same kemen to massage her while fully naked with bobby and ass opened, u see unfair judgement, i suspect this big brother

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it ur English or ur brain dats faulty? Cos I think it's even d 2

    • Anonymous says:

      @anonymous u jst read ma mind,dis guy is an idiot,a nuisance messin up d comment session wit his grammatical errors dat s nt making sense.

  16. tommy says:

    I strongly believe that big brother judgement was unfair to kemen, i have always been a fan of Tboss , after all the comment from Tb, biggie should have known that Tbos is trying to set kemen up, and biggie is also taking side, if he is not ,wat stop biggie from showing other house mate the video.reputation is at stake here

    • Anonymous says:

      Taaa! Fan my foot! Ur previous posts all reck of hatred for tboss! Unless dey v changed d dictionary meanin of fan! U rnt even tryin to b liberal in ur views, u r all out to criticize tboss as tho she was d one dat ran to d diary room to report d incident. Fans def don't act like u did mahn, and trust me, wit fans like u, tboss doesn't need enemies, so good riddance

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sexual harrassment videos rnt broadcasted, even dis one dats on dis page is an edited glimpse of wat happened, if dey put d whole video u d insults go plenty pass dis one o, beta biggie leave it at wat it is abeg, and also for tboss's esteem cos it wld b rude and not nice puttin he video as she was being fingered on everyblog. Tnk God it even happened in d middle of d nite, dos of us dat were privileged towatch it were not sure wat to make of kemen's attitude and videoing d tin was d least on my own mind sef cos I was equally sleepy

    • Gabriel Famuyiwa says:

      Can you tell me what is more immoral between this video and miyonse deep romance with tboss..the fact is tboss is a game player,for she to av nominated miyonse for possible eviction tells you she knows the game..its clear that she lied about being harrased. Ask yourself did question: how did she know she were harassed when fast asleep..if you watch the video you would see her waking up looked at kemen and readjusted herself. Am not here to blame or praise both,kemen allowed his emotion to overshadowed the reason he's here.I wish both the best

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm glad u mentioned meyonse, meyonse's case, it was purely consentual! And she nominatin him, hw does dat even come into play wit harrasment? She didn't wakeup to look at kemen, womanly instinct made her turn to readjust herself, doesn't mean she woke up and is aware of wats happenin, considerin she was even tipsy! Tboss has repeatedly pushed off kemen befor now, so wat right does he v to suddenly think she wld b okay wit it if he tries it, not like he woke her up to ask for her consent befor he carried out d act, wether she woke up or not isn't d issue, but issue is he started d whole process witout her consent. She cld v also been sleep-actin, dey v been locked up for too long and she may v been thinkin she wa probably dreamin

    • kelechi kc says:

      Miyonse's case is quite different from kemen's own…..tboss liked miyonse and allowed him do whatever he liked. Sexual harassment is when u did not give the person ur consent to touch u.

  18. Thanda Zwane says:

    Big brother shuld nt ask anyone in their diary sessions about dis matter_bcz u refused to play dem d video _ and yes u tld Bisola dat u sees everything blah blah blah now dey r feeling guilty and yet dey don't hv facts_i feel sorry 4 dem_but nw it seems like big brother z taking advantage_HMs cannt express themselves d way dey wnt to_dey r scared_efe said dey shuldnt hav judge Tboss frm d 1st plac bcz dey didnt knw her side of d story nw dey knw bt still wht if Tboss is lying too like kemen _d facts are on d video N trust HMS don't buy anyones story until dey see d video

    • tommy says:

      God bless u Thanda, well spoken, my point is why is biggie hidding the video for the other housemate to see so they can give their own judgement, this is to tell u that biggie is not sincere, comparing the fact that Tboss even lied, and big brother saw the video, while Tboss said she was far asleep, big lie, the same way kemen reputation is at stake here that same way big brother show game is at stake ready to crash, because we viewers are watching too, Tboss think she is smart, wen she come out, she go see another gobe

  19. Anonymous says:

    Kemen You be fuck up guy you don allow dat useless Tboss dey get vote now. Guy dem dey follow you

  20. Anonymous says:

    Big Brother is Rubbish Why will BBN disqualify Kemen… After all She is aware of what Kemen did to her

    • Anonymous says:

      Oga, park well, she was asleep and didn't kno wat hapened too, she was just as shocked to find out wat happened as d rest of africa. Next time, if u rnt sure wat happened and u r too busy to read d writeup, just come ask people at d comment section instead of comin here to go off point. U didn't make one single sense mahn

    • tommy says:

      Na u surposs park well, u didn't watch the video, because if u did u Willy not speak that way, Tboss was pretending to have slept, immidiately kemen touched smush her which is normal to every house mate in the house, Tboss opened her eyes and watch kemen doing his thing, but she lied that she was fat at sleep, big lie man, watch the video again pls.mumu kemen fall for her set up too bad, but the decision of big brother was not fair, becos biggie is surpose to help grow carrier and not to distroy it,

    • Anonymous says:

      If d previous author didn't watchd video well,undastandable, but I watched it live when it happened, Tommy do u v a daughter or sister at all? Dat video online is d edited one, d full clip, he woke up, checked to b sure d other hms were asleep, checked d cameras befor diving into her bed! And for when she turned, she's a woman, she probably had dat womanly instinct dat sometin wasn't right and that made her turn, dat doesn't mean she was awake, she was fast asleep way befor d stuff happened! Pls,lets notb to rigid in our judgment,dis goe beyond liking tboss, no woman deserves to b violated

  21. Anonymous says:

    Bisola is just so foolish… It's because she can do rubbish with anybody that is why she thinks everyone is like her.. I love and voted for Bisola back then, but now you just loose me for this act you displayed….

  22. Anonymous says:

    The BBHM are really dumbos, what is the difference between what he just did and rape, why did he go checkup on the cameras before his actions?

    Bisola disappointed me big time, thought she was more matured than that, the shocker awaits her when she learns of TTT's wife and kids, I am sure TTT is afraid, doesn't know what Biggy can do or expose.

    TBoss should be compensated by excluding her from next round of eviction nomination

  23. Elite-Ng Realty Services says:

    Meeeen…. Kemen, I never liked your attitude but I am not happy you are leaving this way cos of your future. You fucked up big time bro!

  24. Wandile Nyachowe says:

    Good for you Kemen # pevert.

  25. Wandile Nyachowe says:

    Good for you Kemen # pevert.

  26. Gideon amaechi says:

    hat Kemen did was so unethical. Somebody who publicly disgraced u by say DAT u kiss like a cow.u for show her levels bros.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unethical? Call a spade a spade, he's a perv! Person don reject u codedly and openly, u stil go finger am! If I b tboss, damn d 25m, igo break bottle for him head o

    • tommy says:

      Kemen self no dey here word, person say him no like you, u still go dey massage am, com sleep for her bed again, your mumu don ripe, u no behave like naija guy at all, him no see TTT level, clean no shaking

    • Anonymous says:

      Tommy, tot u were supportin his action frm ur previous post! I be wan dey fear say mayb usef dey like make dem touch woman wey dey sleep o! Let's call a spade a spade, I neva used to like tboss just like u, but if we see truth make we talk, person no go fit violate my dauta as she dey sleep and I no go dey wait for am wit ak47 for mma2! Make we no let our tboss-phobia cloud our judgement, all of us get sistas, mothers and dautas for house abeg

  27. cyndy yogo says:

    Big head bisola being apologetic..mtchewwW besides is she leading this gang ni?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Tboss didn't do anything, kemen was just a fool at his action.payporte and bigbrother saw everything.anyone who says Kemen was not wrong that person is a DOG.Bisola is just being stupid. thank God the bad EGG in the HOUSE is gone. Kemen gossips a lot, lots of bad character, i can watch BBN without getting angry. teamEFE

  29. cyndy yogo says:

    Bisola you lost my vote for what you called tboss, how can you run your mouth like that and curse on live tv. Repulsive#

    • Anonymous says:

      D sweet part is she's now swallowin her words! Dey v all issued a group apology to tboss afta dey heard frm biggie! D hate dos hms have for tboss ehn, I doubt d woman is even safe in dat house wit all dos blood suckin vultures dat pretend to b her frnd

  30. Anonymous says:

    Biggie, wat bisola, bally, ttt and bassey are doin seems like conspiracy! Shldnt dey be issued a strike? do dey kno beta than we d viewers or biggie and d official sponsors? Dey shld b called to caution biko

    • Anonymous says:

      Bisola was called into d diary room and caution alrdy, and she has passed d info to her other hms. I think dey r being too judgemental, dey were paintin tboss in a bad lite and it's a good tin bisola dem v been called to order

    • tommy says:

      Tboss is nothing but a snitch and a big liar, she told her fellow house mate that she was far asleep wen kemen was touching her at night, big lie, and this is the same Tboss that called kemen to come and massage her while naked ooo, it is wen she wore pant and short, kemen wii now harass her sexually, poor kemen, I pray God help him, as for Tboss and biggie ur own down fall is coming, nonsence.

    • Anonymous says:

      U are a stupid fool for dis writeup, u r obviously worse than kemen.

  31. Funshy Funshy says:

    I think tboss should av told the head of house to warn kemen and later if he didn't stop she can now go ahead to tell biggie,than tarnishing d guys image.tooo bad

    • Anonymous says:

      She wasn't d one dat reported him o, biggie alrdy had his decision made, he only called her into d diary room and asked if she was aware of wat happened durin d nite and she said no, dat she was asleep! So Hw was she wrong? She didn't even kno biggie had such Harse decision in mind. Dat was wat she was explainin to debby rite afta eviction as dat was d only reasonable person dat had d courage to ask her wat actually happened, d rest only sat round dat deir gossip table to badmouth tboss. Dey shld all b issued a strike each. Dey r not being fair to tboss at all, she's d victim here

  32. Anonymous says:

    Chai! Women and hate! Bisola is allowin her hate for tboss cloud her judgement! considerin she's also a woman and she has a dauta! Bisola is fallin hand o

  33. Unknown says:

    Big brother your trying to kill you show. ….its better you evict him than kill his carrier….Tboss is wicked. …

    • Anonymous says:

      How is tboss wicked? She didn't report him, payporte and other bigbrother sponsors alrdy saw wat happened and had a decision in mind to make, dey r tryin to kill deir show by chasing a perv out of d house? We nigerians stil v high moral standards o, if u v been doin stuffs like wat kemen did, God wld soon catch u, cos u seem to b in support of sexual molestation. Proudly teamefe but I stand for d truth

    • Anonymous says:

      dear sir/ma. I know of a pervert that stays around my area. maybe I will introduce it to u so that u can get a first hand idea of what sexual harassment is. dumbo

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't need to kno d one in ur area, fool, I v seen one in kemen! And he's sure not d only perv roamin d streets of naija, cos u r obviously one too! Animal

    • Anonymous says:

      since u said tboss is wicked after everything that went down, I think u are the GOAT! bcos it jux shows that u think with ur anus with shit in it. asshole

  34. Anonymous says:

    Dis bisola is a disgrace to womanhood! She is allowin her hate for tboss cloud her judgement, callin tboss all sorts of names for kemen's disqualification.. madam, no b d work wey u dey do b dat o! I used to respect d fool a lot but dis nite she just proved dat she's an animal in human clothin! Cos she doesn't like tboss does dat make wat kemen did right? Tboss is a bitch, a white fool, all sorts of names in d book all cos bigie disqualified kemen for a crime he commited, when kemen was called to d diary room and told he was gonna b disqualified, if he truely was innocent why didn't he voice out or confrnt tboss ordefend himself as soon as he came out of d diary room? Even d guy knew in his hear or heart dat he was wrong, his konji got d beta of himand I think bisola, ttt, bally and dat stupid bassey shld b issued a strike each for conspiracy. I'm not a fan of tboss but no woman shld b sexually rough handled against her will

  35. Unknown says:

    I may have not seen the footage,I really supported him even when the public, and fellow housemates insulated him of his looks,I am disappointed.

  36. Odugbesan Sunday Adetayo says:

    Kemen messed up

  37. Odugbesan Sunday Adetayo says:

    Kemen messed up

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