Juliet Ebiteinye

Juliet Ebiteinye - Ultimate Love Season 1 Housemate

Real Name: Juliet Ebiteinye
Age: 26
Residence/Birthplace: Bayelsa state
Occupation: Accountant

Ebiteinye is a 26-year-old accountant from who believes that love can be found anywhere in an instant.

In her quest to find love, her beliefs aren’t clouded and she is ready to take the role of being a supportive partner.

Even though money makes the world go around for others, Ebiteinye is looking for more than that. She’s looking for attention and care.

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1 Response

  1. Peggi says:

    Interesting, that’s a bold from juliet ebiteinye and is also finding a part is a good thing and a blessing, am getting to relate with the show biggie i missed your voice.

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