Jaypaul and Jackie B evicted from BBNaija Season 6

Jaypaul and Jackie B evicted from Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6)

Jaypaul and Jackie B have been evicted from the Big Brother Naija Season 6 house on day 50 of the show.

Following the usual recap of the week’s highlights, show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu took us inside the house to chat with this week’s Head of House and Deputy Head of House, the ubiquitous EmmaRose.

During his conversation with Ebuka, Pere took the chance to remind everyone how much he misses Maria. We’re not sure if she misses him… it’s going to be awkward if she doesn’t. In typical Ebuka fashion, he knew how to drag out our tension – it felt like ages before we found out who the first Evicted Housemate was. Ebuka decided to shake a table and ask Yousef to “talk about Angel.” After he said that they have good conversations, Ebuka informed Yousef that Friday night “looked more like a conversation.”

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It was then time to announce the first Evicted Housemate for the night – Jaypaul. During his earlier Diary Session, Jaypaul informed Big Brother that simply being in the Big Brother house was “the biggest opportunity” he has ever had, and that it has boosted his confidence “to the rooftop”. We hope that confidence follows him out of the house. During an emotional goodbye, a disappointed Saskay gave him a kiss goodbye. Not letting his Eviction get him down, Jaypaul used his exit to shout some encouragement to the remaining Housemates – that’s classy.

After being invited onstage for his exit interview with Ebuka, Jaypaul said, “I’m grateful for every opportunity.” On the subject of Cross, he said that he holds no animosity for him and his feelings for Saskay, because he was able to empathise with him. Discussing the future, Jaypaul said he would love to work in television as well as go back to film school – that’s quite a full plate he’s dished up for himself.

Then our agony was put on blast again, as Ebuka returned to the Housemates – just for a chat. Like they and us didn’t want to know who else was getting Evicted! He asked Cross to talk to him about Queen: “as you can see, Queen is a very pretty lady. I like her energy.” Finally, Cross gave a straight answer. Queen – obviously – was asked to discuss Whitemoney: “he’s been a very good friend to me.” She also called him an “acting boyfriend”. She struggled to explain what, exactly, she meant by that.

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But it was never going to stay purely conversational, though. Inevitably, that table-shaker extraordinaire was going to send another Housemate packing, and when that time came, it was the turn of Jackie B to leave through the door she first entered seven weeks ago. Earlier today, Jackie B told Big Brother that she had been looking forward to the Live Eviction Show, because she had never been Nominated before, and she wanted “to experience the scary part of being Nominated”. Well, now she’s experienced it, and she won’t, again. We wonder if she’s still excited.

Chatting to Ebuka, she said her experience in the House “has been amazing”. When pressed about her feelings on Whitemoney, she said he gave her “daddy vibes”, prompting Ebuka to ask her if she had “daddyzoned” him. When asked if she would be open to pursuing Michael outside the House, she wasted no time in saying “yes!” Regarding her future, she – like Jaypaul – expressed an interest in working in the entertainment industry.

After that, there was just enough time for Ebuka to give the Housemates a little bit of advice. “Make sure you enjoy yourselves.” Simple advice, simply given.

And that was all she wrote! Eleven Housemates are left – soon, the number of Housemates will start dropping into the single digits, and we can’t wait to see how the Housemates start to throw down some serious gameplay!

So are you going to miss Jaypaul and Jackie B? Kindly let us know by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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