Ichemeta Ochoga’s Biography

Ichemeta Ochoga ProfileName: Ichemeta (Chem)

Full Name: Ichemeta Ochoga

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Hometown: Benue State

Star Sign: Aries

Relationship Status: Single

‘I talk too much!’ So says 21-year-old undergraduate student Ichemeta who describes herself as ‘a simple and small town girl who believes that no guts, no glory’. A romantic by nature, Ichemeta says that she loves Mills & Boones love-themed novels and enjoys sunsets. So it’s no surprise to guess her favourite movie…the sweeping romantic epic Gone With The Wind!

When selecting her role models, Ichemeta chooses two very different, yet similar role models in legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra and popular actress, singer, businesswoman Jennifer Lopez. She says ‘They go for what they want and do what they sent out to do’. If she had US$ 100 000, Ichemeta would buy a house, buy a car and
start her own company.

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