Housemates Celebrate With Uriel On Her Birthday

Uriel Oputa's Birthday Celebrations In The Big Brother Naija 2017 House

An eventful day and night in the house ends up with celebration of Uriel’s birthday.

The theme for the week was Proudly Naija and Biggie wasted no time in setting various Tasks for the Housemates, some were secret and were designed to test the Housemates loyalty to each other. Marvis had trouble following Biggie’s instructions for his secret Task for her and she failed her first audition miserably. Biggie passed the secret mission onto Uriel. Bally, Miyonse and TBoss were all given secret Tasks to complete in connection to the Housemates 100% wager. This was designed to test the Housemates and time will tell as to how they react.

ThinTallTony took charge of the choreography as he eased the mounting tension in the House with a fun dance session in the Garden. Earlier, Uriel had brought Gifty to tears and this made other Housemates emotional and many tears were shed. Earlier, Biggie had grilled all the Housemates about who they were and who they weren’t getting on with in the house with some interesting answers coming out. There were definitely some developing tensions and friendships in the House with some Housemates expressing their lack of trust for anyone in the House.

Soma and Gifty carried on flirting with each other, ending the day around the jacuzzi with her sitting on his lap. Meanwhile, Head of House winner, Efe cozied up to Marvis while Bally and Uriel discussed possible eviction this coming Sunday. TallThinTony, not only content with being the choreographer, clicked Housemates backs for them, helping them to relax. Soma and Bally had spent a bit of time in the jacuzzi, easing away the aches and pains of the day.

It was also Uriel’s birthday and the Housemates sang a rousing version of “Happy Birthday” her while she was showered with sparkling wine. This was surely a birthday to remember as not many people get to spend it in Biggie’s House. With so much intrigue and drama going on in the house it was a welcome relief to have something to celebrate and it gave the Housemates a chance to reflect and get to know each other better.

With Day 1 finally behind them, the Housemates know they are in for a long, hard but exciting and fascinating game. They are still getting to know each other and are starting to feel each other out and we are already starting to see who gets on with whom and who doesn’t.

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