Heritage Bank’s Spoken Word Poetry Advert By Titilope Sonuga

Heritage Bank’s Spoken Word Poetry Advert By Titilope Sonuga

So if you’re watching Big Brother Naija 2018 ‘Season 3’ then obviously you must have watched that Heritage bank advert.

Well the advert is a spoken-word poetry piece by Titilope Sonuga.

Titilope Sonuga, also known as Titi Sonuga, is a Nigerian poet, civil engineer and actress who spends her time between Lagos and Edmonton, Canada.

You can read the poem full below;

I am gap tooth, black girl
back corner of class
Scribbling left handed poetry on blank paper –
Save the school’s curriculum for later.
I am overflowing tales by moonlight
That informal education
trickling off the tip of my grandmother’s tongue
You’ll find my mother’s tongue here
A fast and fluent Yoruba
Crisscrossed in English
Hidden messages in prose & proverbs

I am the miracle of melody
Nestled deep in the groove of rich highlife rhythm
A child of the marriage of hip-hop & afro beats
You can hear our voices
Pulsing beneath the skin of a talking drum
Commanding hips to move without caution
I am the sky-high gele-bold and beautiful
We redefine fashion
Wear our stories around our neck from our ears
So we never forget the voice of our ancestors

This heartbeat
This is who I am…

HERITAGE BANK… your Timeless Wealth Partner

We hope you’ve enjoyed the poem.

Credits: Titilope Sonuga

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