GRAND FINALE: Bisola Wins The ONE campaign

Big Brother Naija 2017 Grand Finale: Bisola Aiyeola Wins The ONE campaign

During the Big Brother Naija 2017 Grand Finale live show, Bisola won a fully paid for trip to New York city.

Ebuka was joined by Desmond Elliot of the ONE Campaign and Ms Sara Makka, the ONE Campaign Nigeria Country Director.

They discussed the shocking statistics of how few girls are going to school in Africa. Bisola was singled out as the winner of the ONE Campaign, This is what they said as they discussed the shocking statistics of what they were battling against.

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Desmond: greeted Nigeria and said that it was an honour representing saying “Hello Naija how you doing? It is a great pleasure to be here at the Big Brother Naija Finale, representing the ONE campaign.”

Serah said, “Hi Naija, not only is it a pleasure being present here tonight at the finale but it was also a great pleasure that ONE worked hand in hand with Big Brother Naija to bring awareness on the shocking status of Girls Education in Nigeria, Africa and globally.”

Desmond carried on with “Yes, through ONE’s partnership with BBN we heard the housemates advocate for Girls Education. Through their presentations we learnt that 130 Millions Girls are out of school globally.”

Serah continued saying “We also learnt that in Nigeria, girls’ participation rate in education remains below that of boys across all levels of education, particularly at senior secondary level. In primary school, 31% of Nigerian girls are out of school compared to 27% of boys.”

Desmond carried on, “So without further ado, please see your screens of the winner of the Back to School Task, who will be joining ONE to add their voice to the Campaign, which advocates to have more Girls in Schools. They will join ONE at the UN General Assemble in New York later this year.”

Serah announced “And the winner is Bisoia” who looked overwhelmed walks on stage and was handed the winners board with ONE logo.

Serah explained, “The winner of this particular task will stand alongside other ‘ONE’ ambassadors, such as Omotola, Desmond Elliot, Waje, Ali Nuhu, D’banj, Yemi Alade, Banky W and many others, to attend policy meeting with Nigerian policy makers and also a trip to attend the UN General Assembly event in New York in September, where policies to empower and educate the girl child will be discussed.

The winner will have the opportunity to report back their findings from their trip to the Nigerian public.

Desmond then explained that, “Viewers at home, you too can be a winner. From tonight for 10 weeks, ONE will be giving away a ONE hamper filled with ONE goodies. All you have to do is join the housemates, myself Omotola , 19 Waje, and Ali Nuhu by creating a Girls Count video. Serah: Winners will be announced every Thursday. For more information log on to”

Congratulations Bisola, it is a great honour that has been bestowed upon her. Bisola may not have won the BBNaija but she is sure to go from strength to strength. She has shown Nigeria a vast array of her talents and she seems to have the work ethic to be a major success.

The ONE Campaign was organised by an organisation known as ONE, we kindly request you to go and check out more about this campaign on their website at :

Congratulations to Bisola…

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11 Responses

  1. UNKOWN says:

    Congratulation Bisola…U will really be something in can easily be a big production's spokesperson, your confidence is out of this world…luv u boo

  2. DDTO says:

    She can be anything indeed! he is a good communicator! A good contribution to the 1 campaign!! All the best of luck to my fvaourite people Bisola and MArfe, TTT and Bassey! I really loved BAssey but not as much as I loved the 3 Bisola, Marvis and Efe…my CAPTAIN!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My dear Bisola, I have been consistent in my choice for you as the winner since day 1. You are indeed a house of entertainment, talents, wit, articulateness, mischief, everything rolled in one. You will go places by God's grace. This is a platform which I believe will open up great opportunities for you. God bless you abundantly my child. You entertained me for the 78 days of BBNaija 2017. TTT and Bassey also did well and will have good opportunities for growth in their chosen fields.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bisola you are indeed a the talented housemate your contribution to the ONE campaign is bigger than anything go Girl

  5. Anonymous says:

    Honestly i thought Debie-rise will win it.

  6. DDTO says:

    In terms of the reality of the presentations, without fault, Efe and Debbie-Rise were said to be outstanding ..Bisola was also outstanding but her proposal was a bit unreal…the people they presented to did say they will show her how to bring the calculations to reality. I dont think they based the outcome out of the best presentation but rtaher on personality and nobody, apart from Bisola in the top 5 ozzes confidence and the ability to communicate clearly as much as she can..she also has a very funny/playful side… I also thought either Efe or Debbie would get it based on the presentations but I understood when they selected Bisola..

    To some point, I dont understand why the winner of the one-campain and the payport games should be a secret! I do think they need to be announced in advance and thats where I think these people are playing mind games with us!

  7. Anonymous says:

    To me, Debie Rise would have worn it but l guess its based on who knows who because we heard the judges say what Bisola presented was a bit unreal and that Debie Rise own was perfect. So how come Bisola worn the campaign? There is God oo!!!.

  8. Anonymous says:

    My prayer for Debie-rise is dat God will vindicate for her and bless her beyond measure.They cheated her

  9. Anonymous says:

    Organizer of one campaign said, the best presentation will be their ambassador. And according to the judges they couldn't find any error about debie-rise presentation in fact they acknowledge she regonise the work of teachers. Because they wanted to manipulate it that is why they couldnt announced it during the eviction shows. God is watching

  10. UNKOWN says:

    I also think that they selected Bisola based on confidence and the way she carried herself during the entire competition, however it is quite eye rolling the fact that all top 3 contestants managed to win something as if it was planned. no doubt Bisola will represent Africa well but they could have at least considered Debbie Rise as maybe the second winner or something, yes she doesn't have that confidence when she speaks and may tend to want to please people around her at times but her presentation was on point, it's just that Bisola is very confident even when talking.

  11. DDTO says:

    No guyz..dont use God anywhere…Debbie is already a it would really have been awkward for the first runner up to get nothing with a fourth runner up winning something plus Bisola gave her all in everything they did..Its just that these poeple need to clean their act/organise something for the first runner up…because they themselves said the best presentation would win and they could not fault both Efes and Debbies, stop singling out Debbieas as if her presentation was the only one that was best! We r all making sense of what happened and agree that those people did not stick to their word…and given the circumstances, it would have been really awkward if Bisola left empty-handed…

    However, I am stil arguing that there is no reason for the one-campaign and payport winner to be kept secret..The winners can be informed and presented with their prizes at the final…what they r currently doing is really questionable..

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