Day 91: Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 13 Voting Results

Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 13 Voting Results

The official Big Brother Naija 2019 week 13 voting results have been revealed.

This week’s voting results show that Tacha received the highest percentage of votes from the voting public while Cindy received the very least percentage of votes and that explains why she was evicted on Friday.

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Well Tacha was followed by Mike, who was followed by Ike then Elozonam. According to this week’s results, Tacha would have made it to the Grand Finale if she had not been disqualified from the house on Friday.

So Tacha disqualification gave Mike Edwards a lifeline as he instead took her place in the Grand Finale week.

1. Tacha received 41.66%

2. Mike received 26.64%

3. Ike received 18.90%

4. Elozonam received 7.15%

5. Cindy received 5.65%

So now that you’ve seen this week’s voting results, are you surprised in any way? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment in our comment’s section below.

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5 Responses

  1. memoz says:


  2. Dele Abiamuwe says:

    Frankly speaking my take on the judgement passed on both HM i.e Mercy and Tacha was unfair…Why I remembered well after Mercy bought d immunity while Seyi won d HOH Big Brother strongly warn d both of them that any misconduct attracts authomatic disqualification.I expected both Mercy and Tacha to be disqualified rather than disqualifying only Tacha…both parties does not possess d quality/characteristics of a winner..a winner must be pragmatic,brilliant,intelligent,goal getter,strong/energetic etc.Pls organizers to note how d winner is chosen.Thank u.

  3. Ndapewa says:

    no surprised everything is went well

  4. lumka says:

    Why Thacha, I loved you my queen anyway it’s a game. Shit happens. I would like anyone to win but Mercy because she made my Tacha to be disqualified.

  5. Okoro Emmanuel says:

    Am not surprise with the result of week 13, Tacha always have the highest percentage but i know that even if she has made it to the finals, she will definatly not win, because she does’nt have the character of a winner.

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