Day 80: Biggie Issues Cee-C With A Strike And Awards Tobi A Stern Warning!!

Big Brother Issues Cee-C With A Strike And Warns Tobi Bakre

In addition to stripping her of this week’s Head Of House title, Big Brother has also issued Cee-C with a strike for breaking rules and regulations of the Big Brother Naija house.

If you aren’t aware yet, today Cee-C had a verbal fight with Tobi that lasted for close to an hour in which the former continuosly showered the latter with insults.

Big Brother tried to calm down tensions by going as far as asking the housemates to freeze but Cee-C and Tobi picked up from where they had stopped as soon as Biggie unfroze them, Biggie further made efforts of summoning Tobi and Cee-C to the diary room a few times but they still couldn’t seize fire.

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And left with no option, Big Brother decided to demote Cee-C from her Head of House duties and asked the housemates to immediately appoint another Head of House, Alex was quickly made Head of House and immediately resumed her duties.

Because she was the Head of House, Biggie believes that Cee-C should have resolved the issue it in a better way as a leader. Big Brother is of the view that Cee-C failed to display vital leadership skills therefore he decided to strip her of her Head of House title which was later followed with a Strike.

Later on after a few hours, Big Brother asked all the housemates to gather in the lounge where he showed them a video of Cee-C insulting Tobi during their fallout, and due to the provocative nature of the slurs thrown by Cee-C, Biggie decided to award Cee-C a Strike and Tobi a stern warning.

Cee-C and Tobi moved to the garden after being issued with a strike and stern warning respectively in order to have a word, the two tried to resolve the matter at hand but Tobi walked away when Cee-C said he’s always wanted to see this side of her but came back and told Cee-C to let it go as they only have a few days to go.

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And then later on while having a conversation about the incident that lead to Big Brother awarding the strike, Tobi told Alex that he felt Cee-C needed to vent and say her piece.

So what do you think about Cee-C’s strike and Tobi’s stern warning?? Please share with us by dropping your comment in one of the comment boxes below.

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14 Responses

  1. Gloria says:

    Well done Big Brother, Cee-C was becoming something else in the house. I'm still wondering where this girl was raised from, she lacks even the very basic human manners.

  2. Mecry Eyo says:

    Waoh. Dis is Too much today. I wonder how other countries will be feeling about Nigeria women. God bless every woman dat has respect and regards for men and her fellow women.

  3. Ikeji says:

    This Cee-C mumu is a disgrace to Nigerian women, now the entire Africa thinks that this is the way Nigerian women behave just because of Cee-C's behaviours in the Big Brother Naija house.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think Nigerians in general are a disgrace. That's what the treatment of Cee-C by Nigerians & some of the HHs has taught me. U r a disgrace. All the things she said there were true, so what is disgracing there? The only thing is the approach she used. But was there a better option? She has been bottling up and it was bound to happen. You are very biased and u have never accepted her. Even when she apologized and made peace with some of the people she quarreled with, you still never forgave her! U r witches hiding behind God, always saying God , God God. Whilst Tobi & Alex behavior is completely inhuman, insensitive , & u know its paining Cee-C you are glad about it & when she finally releases her anger to ease the pain, u r still not happy about it! We all know she has anger problems which she has to deal with & its not about loving Tobi. Even if it was about loving Tobi, tell me about any woman, who does not get hurt when jilted by someone she loves! u r the ones who lack basic human manners! Tobi and Alex behavior is that of animals, its only a dog that fucks a bitch and within minutes fucks another bitch in front of that one. That happens all because dogs are not blessed with the sensitivity God has given to humans. Yes I said it, deal with that!If Tobis behavior was innocent, why did biggie give him a stern warning?

  5. Anonymous says:

    this is a game, she is not married to Tobi, she should be glad he did not sleep with hr. what rights does she have over him. she has to be matured and be prepared for anything to happen in the house, and what if Tobi does not like hr. she just cant accept that Tobi likes Alex morthan hr, coz she sees Alex as backward gal. that is a mistake most women make, thinking man will love u cause of your educated or money…sorry man wants nothing to do with that…learn women.

  6. Chinedu says:

    I agree that sometimes Cee-C behaves immaturely thus exhibiting bad behaviours, yes she's ill-mannered at times and the fact that she's well educated from America, she should behave like a matured and well educated person. But we all have to agree that Tobi also behaves poorly sometimes especially with his provoking and gossiping skills, Alex is also a pain sometimes and trust me when these two people are combined, they'll really make Cee-C angry, so please don't put all the blame on Cee-C. Tobi and Alex are also not well behaved, meanwhile Team Cee-C please keep voting for our queen because she has to win this money.

  7. Anonymous says:

    who said she is married to Tobi? What in the hell does having empathy / being sensitive to another persons being have anything to do with getting married and being educated? You are proof that Nigerians are evil in general. They are biased. Look @ how according to you Cee-C is to blame. Obviously u hate her. Tobi & Alex are behaving like animals! U will be surprised because Tobi might be using Alex as well. look at you still crucifying her even after she admitted what she did was wrong . What I like about what she did, she spoke the truth! Unlike you , who keep on creating your evil truths

  8. Anonymous says:

    Pls Chinedu, I'll like to ask a question. What skill will you call d one Ceec and Khole had at Alex and Tobi's back? would you call dat discussions or Gossips? If you r saying Alex and Tobi ve provoking and gossiping skills. one thing I want you to understand is, if u r with ur personal person, u must gist. so forget dis provoking and gossiping skills. Ceec and Khole gossiped abt Tobi and alex. same vice-versa. but Alex & Tobi neva confronted them. so Y Ceec reactions? B4 u use a pin on some1, use dat same pin to pinch urself 1st to know how painful it is. they all gossiped themselves.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Everyone voting for that girl are just like her and I pray that there family and Children will have that kind of character if they think it's a good thing to support such character. Am not a fan to any of these 2018 big brother HM. But anytime I see her I feel disgusting. We should not encourage this attitude of hers. She should learn to control herself when in public reason not for the present but for her future.I keep asking why would a young beautiful girl like her be always bitter, sad and unhappy. I pray she learn to control her temper and be a happy girl be free with people and try to let go cause it will take her a long way. cause she's a woman. And am very sure her father can never be proud of all her exhibition.

  10. South Africa says:

    @Anonymous, once you start praying that people should have kids like her, that means you are bitter and you took this whole game personal, how do you ask God to give people what you would not want to have 'CAREFULL BECAUSE GOD HAVE A WAY OF TURNING THINGS AROUND'. It looks like Cee C bottles a lot of stuff within and She just explodes. I pray her family do something when she comes out.


  11. Anonymous says:

    jealous idiot and liar! Is she always bitter? Your post is full of bitterness and hatred! Imagine using such words in the name of God and u think God will listen?Pray for deliverance from God because as God's word says, do unto others the same way u would want it to be done to you! Nonsense, hiding behind God, what are u saying about her apology? Mind u everything she said there is soo TRUE! Gossiping, womanizing that is true and God is against such activities. At least she spoke the truth in accordance to the word of God. Why cant u think about that? Fire to these evil people in the name of God, FIRE! deal with your jealousy and evil tendencies!

  12. South Africa says:

    @Anonymous on top…Amen to that….

  13. Abosede says:

    Let's call a spade a spade, Cee-C was pained by the fact that Tobi left her. I cannot blame Tobi for doing so because I once heard him say Cee-C was holding him by the Jugular, not wanting him to interact freely with other housemates. These are young people and will want to explore friendship, she wasn't going to allow him to do that so he dumped her, Period. However, instead of Cee-C to move on she decided to hold on to the hatred she felt for Tobi and took it out on every housemate one after the other. Just name one housemate she didn't quarrel with. As such she lost the golden opportunity of making life long friends in the house and enjoying herself to the fullest. Like someone said, she also gossiped about Tobi and others whenever she had the opportunity. The fact is, such opportunities were far fetched because she was always at loggerhead with everyone and had little chance of being close to anyone long enough to confide in. She didn't behave like an educated person. Very shameful indeed. I hope her folks will be bold enough to let her know the disgrace she was to them.

  14. Abosede says:

    Did you hear the question Ebuka asked her? He wanted to know why she was always blaming others for her actions and misbehaviour and her stupid answer was 'why should I blame myself, It is normal to blame others'. She never admitted any guilt but felt the whole world was against her and not wanting her to succeed. She believed she was the most important person in the house and when she didn't get the desired attention, she throws tantrums like a spoilt baby that she is. When Alex, in her magnanimity, wrote that letter of apology to her, the least she could have done was also to apologise for any way she too may have wronged Alex and allow things to be. instead her response displayed a lot of arrogance. After her latest strike, when Tobi tried to make peace with her, again her stupid pride would not allow them come to a logical conclusion. She paid dearly for her attitude though. going through the house for 85days with so much hatred and sadness was a pay off for her bad behaviour. I hope she learnt her lessons and would stife to be a better person going forward. Baby, grow up!!!

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