Day 8: Tobi wins the Head of House for Week 2

Tobi Bakre wins the Head of House for Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 2

Tobi Bakre has won the Head of House task inside the Big Brother Naija house for the second time in a row.

After qualifying for the final round of this week’s head of house task last night, Tobi, Teddy A, Cee-C and Bambam have finally competed against each other this afternoon.

It all happened after Biggie summoned all the housemates to the arena for the task where he asked the 4 participant to get ready by wearing helmets with had wrongly fitted binoculars on them.

In fact Biggie informed the 4 participants that the wrongly fitted binoculars on the helmets would hinder their sight as they trying hitting the balls to score.

The participants were provided with balls and all they had to do was to just score a goal in any of the goal posts that had been placed in the arena by Biggie’s ninjas.

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And the first housemate to score a goal would definately be the inner.

And without wasting time, Biggie sounded the buzzer and the task kicked off, it was Tobi who actually scored a goal first automatically making him the winner.

Biggie then asked him to pick one fellow housemate with whom he’ll share the luxury bedroom with, and as expected he went ahead to select his game partner Cee-C.

However as the housemates left the arena to get back inside the house, Alex complained saying that Tobi had cheated during task.

Alex was of the view that Tobi had been actually seeing, meaning that he had some how altered with the wrongly fitted binoculars on his helmet.

All in all, congratulations Tobi.

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