Day 71: 4 Housemates Are Up For Possible Eviction In Week 11, Who Are You Saving?

Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 11 Nominated Housemates, Seyi, Tacha, Mike, Khafi

We have four housemates up for eviction from the Big Brother Naija 2019 house in week 11, that comes as a result of today’s live nominations [Read more about this Here].

Below is a summary of the housemates who received the highest amount of nominations today;

  • Tacha received 4 nominations
  • Mike received 3 nominations
  • Omashola received 3 nominations
  • Khafi received 3 nominations

So after today’s live nominations, the five housemates with the highest number of nominations were Omashola, Tacha, Mike and Khafi.

But remember that Omashola won this week’s Veto Power Game of Chance last night [Read more about that here] which simply means that he has the power to save a nominated housemate and replace such housemate with a housemate that is not nominated.

And since Omashola is among the housemates with the highest number of nominations today, Big Brother has asked him to use his Veto Power. Omashola has saved himself and instead nominated Seyi.

This simply means that the nominated housemates this week are Mike, Khafi, Seyi and Tacha.

So who are you going to be saving this week, please tell us by taking part in our online poll below;

BBNaija 2019 Week 11: Who Are You Saving?

  • Seyi (28%, 580 Votes)
  • Mike (26%, 548 Votes)
  • Tacha (26%, 544 Votes)
  • Khafi (20%, 407 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,931

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Alternatively you can lets us know by dropping a comment in our comments section below.

Please remember that the voting lines will close on Thursday night at 21:00 West African Time.


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83 Responses

  1. holuwhaphemmhi says:

    vote seyi

  2. okorie emmanuel says:

    seyi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way

  3. Bashman Mohammed says:

    Seyi gat my 60 million votes!

  4. Goodluck says:

    Mike all the way

  5. Goodluck says:

    Vote for mike

  6. Baraka says:

    It’s seyi all the way till 99th day

  7. Olkemi Akinyemis says:

    Pls ooo help us to tell biggie that they are not sending us our OTP code ooo and we can vote online we hv been using our money to vote ooo

  8. Oluwajoba says:

    Vote Seyi

  9. mainza says:

    voting for mike mike mike mike it not easy for a married man to be in the biggie brother house

  10. Mainza says:

    Team Mike hope our Mike is safe please

  11. Mainza says:

    Mike all the way

  12. Akanji Abosede says:

    I vote for Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi Seyi

  13. mainza says:

    voting for mike mike mike mike it not easy a married to be in the biggie brother house

  14. Magic p says:

    Team Omashola is voting For Khafi even thou she going.. Vote Khafi

  15. Gabi says:

    I’m voting for Khafi

  16. Bumite says:

    Vote for khafi plss

  17. felix says:

    Mike all the way you got my vote man

  18. Masteeplanner ifeanyi says:

    Vote Mike

  19. felix says:

    Mike all the way u got my vote son

  20. kangai felix says:

    Mike all the way you got my vote son

  21. Thony says:

    Seyi Omo baba Awo all the way.

  22. Temilola says:

    Seyi all the way💃💃💃💃

  23. Laureta Eze says:


  24. Thembi says:

    Seyi all the way

  25. Tshidi says:

    Vote mike

  26. Zainab Dada says:

    Man like mike all the way

  27. MUTOSAJ says:

    I vote for the most talented! Seyi, the philosopher, the psychologist, the actor, and most importantly, the Intelligent one!

  28. Esther says:

    Am voting Seyi

  29. Hellen says:

    lam voting seyi

  30. esther says:

    i beg every body vote for Seyi for the money.

  31. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    Vote Khafi

  32. Ayodele olayinka says:

    Seyi all the way,I vote for seyi

  33. Gaamangwe Segosebe says:

    I vote for Khafi

  34. tobylarapper says:

    vote seyi for d money

  35. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    Vote Khafi. Omashola till 99 day.

  36. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    Good morning Khafi. I am voting to you Khafi.

  37. Daniella says:

    I vote khafi! Pls #teamfrodd let’s do it for khafi this week. She’s deserves to still be in the house✌

  38. Duke says:

    Tacha u hv my vote

  39. Duke says:

    I like tacha

  40. mothobi says:

    vote for Tacha

  41. Hollymama says:

    Seyi seyi all the way

  42. abiodun says:

    I am voting for Khaffi BECAUSE she is a strong woman

  43. farouk says:

    I am voting for Khaffi

  44. MP Heveleni says:

    I support khafi please vote for khafi

  45. Mohamed Turay says:

    I vote seyi

  46. ayodeji says:

    I vote for Seyi and mike

  47. Eniola says:

    Khafi khafi
    Tacha Tacha Tacha alll d way

  48. Chindo chindo says:

    Tacha for the money.She is playing the game as per the title”of the BBN Show”Pepper Dem”.She is really making the house to be hot.But now she is calm because she is afraid of getting the third and final strike.But all in all,she is the real Pepper Dem in Biggy’s house.

  49. Jack says:

    All my votes for Tachaaaa!

  50. CHARLES says:


  51. Anita says:

    I vote for Mike, he deserve it. He knows how to play the game smartly

  52. Dinah says:

    I definitely vote Khafi shes a strong lady. Bravo Khafi

  53. joyce says: for khafi all the way

  54. joyce says: for khafi all the way

  55. Adam says:

    Tacha n khafi ❤️

  56. Adam says:

    Tacha n khafi ❤️

  57. francis maseya says:

    mike all the way

  58. Ogundipe oluwaseun says:

    I vote seyi

  59. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    I vote Khafi non stop.

  60. Makabelo Hlaoli says:


  61. Makabelo Hlaoli says:


  62. Makabelo Hlaoli says:


  63. Euginia says:

    Khafi all the way

  64. Masteeplanner ifeanyi says:

    I vote seyi

  65. Gugu P Dlamini says:

    Simply Tacha

  66. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    Team Omashola vote Khafi.

  67. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    Khafi is intetainer, her dairy session is fantastic., vote Khafi!

  68. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    Khafi is a strong woman, vote Khafi.

  69. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    I vote Khafi, this week password is Khafi. YES

  70. Blessing Ozori says:

    I love to vote Tacha and Khafi they are real women in the house the rest dont interest me. U called this season pepper dem they are the real pepper.

  71. LUMKA says:

    I vote my Tacha

  72. mirriam says:

    seyi must go to her rich family and leave other house mate to win the money

  73. Duke says:

    I Vote for tacha

  74. loise says:

    TACHA anytime

  75. ARIA says:


  76. Udeme says:

    Tacha make up with Seyi
    I’ll always vote for you💗

  77. Omoye says:

    Mike for the money

  78. MP Heveleni says:

    Khafi deserves to stay vote for her

  79. MP Heveleni says:

    Khafi all the way

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