Day 7: Omashola And Ike Receive Strikes

Omashola and Ike receive strikes

Omashola And Ike real name ‘Ikechukwu Onyema’ have received strikes from Big Brother for breaking rules that govern the Big Brother Naija house.

All this came as a result of the events that took place in the wee hours after this week’s Saturday night party.

Well if you did not watch what took place, please do not worry because we are going to balance you on the whole situation.

So what happened was that Omashola kept his Bet9ja coins in his bible shortly before he went to the Saturday night party but on return after the party, his Bet9ja coins had been stolen.

Omashola immediately lost his cool and demanded that whoever had stolen his Bet9ja coins return them immediately if they did not want trouble.

Ike also joined in and aired his frustration following the theft of Omashola’s Bet9ja coins, this was because Omashola had promised to give him (Ike) some coins so that he could avoid possible eviction from the Big Brother Naija house.

Omashola threw tantrums and went as far as making threats to whoever had stolen his Bet9ja coins.

Give me my Coins, I no dey okay ooo, you see these scars. I’m 38 and still single I no dey okay. Omashola stated.

Ike also made some threats to whoever stole Omashola’s Bet9ja coins by stating that he would have killed that person had all this happened outside the Big Brother Naija house, at one point Ike even went as far as throwing a bottle which luckily didn’t hit anyone.

So today evening Big Brother summoned all the housemates in the lounge and played video clips of the events that occurred as Omashola and Ike made threats.

Therefore Omashola and Ike have been found guilty of attempting to cause harm to fellow housemates and have both been issued a Strike each.

Rarely in this life are chances given twice, both housemates have to tread carefully now because three Strikes means disqualification from the house.

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