Day 65: Biggie Worsens The Housemates’ Conditions

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 65: Big Brother Worsens The Housemates' Conditions

The Big Brother Naija 2017 contestants have been poured with cold water and also restart a Task, yet they still manage to get a good laugh.

The Housemates soldiered on, emptying the bucket full of rice using chopsticks well into the early evening [Read more on that Here].

They had worked on this Task much earlier in the day and had a few breaks, as Biggie had them taking part in the Water Dunk Puzzle Challenge, where they had to complete a puzzle before the sound of the buzzer in order to avoid a “nasty surprise”, in the form of buckets of cold water.

It was then straight to the weekly grocery shopping after they dried off and changed into new clothes. They then went back to emptying the bucket full of rice again, as it was an ongoing challenge. They all paced up and down outside, transferring the rice from one bucket to another. To while away time, they chatted, joked around and even sang a bit.

I hope birds come here and eat all this rice! joked TBoss, as they continued. Somewhere down the conversation, HoH Bisola mentioned that there was still a long way to go till they completed the Task.

Biggie had sent in his Ninjas earlier to empty what they Housemates had already covered back into the bucket of rice, meaning all their hard work had gone to waste and they had to start all over again!

This week is Extreme Survivor Week and so far, Biggie has pushed the Housemates buttons by making them do all sorts of intense Tasks, as well as take away their shoes and mattresses. How long can the Housemates endure this? We will have to wait and see, as the week unfolds.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Abeg stop all dis madness in d name of task, we spend hrs watchin dem do 1 tin, ur show is gettin borin joor

  2. UNKOWN says:

    Biggie change your Friday night games please they are the same since they started.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Biggie please bring on fire to this show,guys that shake that house have all gone,all you could do is to bring in nice entertainers at the close of the show…you make it more boring.What are you suffering them for????make them happy,let them have all the fun and eat all they need to eat,it took them and their fans a lot to be there right now.Ahhh..#TeamEFE#TillDend.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes ooo,the house is boring,we need biggie to do something fast,now is the time to vote vote and vote…we need to be entertained to be able to cast our vote….TeamEFE.tillllll the endddd.

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