Day 54: Debie-Rise Guides Bassey On How To Play A Guitar

Debie-Rise Teaches Bassey How To Play A Guitar

Muscle man Bassey was today given some new instructions by the talented Debie-Rise on how to play a few musical notes on a guitar.

As the other Housemates dozed the afternoon off, Bassey and Debie-Rise bonded over a few musical notes.

The two sat at the kitchen table and went over the basic musical notes, Do-Re-Mi, using the guitar. Debie-Rise taught Bassey how to play the guitar, using the basic understanding of the notes. “Do-Fa-So are major codes,” she explained to him.

She played a few notes on her guitar thereafter, before giving him a chance. He seemed to struggle there a bit but Debie-Rise came to his rescue, giving him tips. “Use two fingers when you want to play the ‘Do’note,” she advised.

Meanwhile, ThinTallTony, Marvis and Efe were fast asleep in the lounge. Marvis woke up a bit later and joined the two in the kitchen. All the others joined in one by one after waking up.

By the time the ‘lesson’’ was over, Bassey complained of a sore wrist. “I will master it. I understand the basics now,” he added. Clearly, Debie-Rise enjoyed every moment of the ‘lesson’, as she would blush from time to time.

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