Day 50: “I don’t like boys like you” – Nengi tells Ozo

Nengi tells Ozo - I don't like boys like you

Nengi Rebecca Hampson has once again denied fine boy Ozo the chance to win her heart by informing him that she cannot date him.

Ozo and Nengi were in the garden area having a conversation today in the morning hours with the former once again trying his luck to win Nengi’s heart, by now it’s no longer news that Ozo clearly wants Nengi to be his girlfriend.

And as the conversation went on, Nengi made it clear to Ozoemena Chukwu that she cannot date him, she even gave her reasons as to why.

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I know your true intentions, that is why I’m saying you will crawl. I don’t like boys like you, Nengi told Ozo.

Ozo then asked her why, to which she replied with;

I don’t like boys that like to form fine boy too much, Nengi said.

I can’t date a guy that is prim and proper because I’m not, and you are like the most prim and proper person in this world. My whole life I’ve never seen anyone that is prim and proper as you, Nengi further stated.

The one time I have dated a guy that was prim and proper, it was an epic fail, so most of the people I date, if I’m going to date somebody and it’s going to last, they have to be really like me. I’m not perfect so I can’t date a perfect person, Nengi further explained.

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Ozo then replied by denying that he is not perfect, Nengi then replied with:

You’re close to perfect, I like people that are flawed like me, Nengi concluded.

Ozo then replied with: I’m flawed as well.

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3 Responses

  1. jabu says:

    I voted Dora with my full chest

  2. Ndapewa says:

    Ozo don’t force yourself to love Nengi if she don’t love you back

  3. priscilla says:

    congratulations to Trikky. Well done for choosing Laycon. Best decision ever. Although he did not need saving but just shows that you have a very active mind. Great decision.

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