Day 49: Tobi Receives A Double Strike From Big Brother

Day 49: Tobi Bakre Receives A Double Strike From Big Brother

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Tobi Bakre has received a double strike from Big Brother for breaking rules of the house.

Tobi has been unceremoniously engaging in conspiracy by discussing nominations with different housemates on several occassions.

Tobi also refused to positively respond to Big Brother’s call to go to the diary room for his diary session last week.

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Last week Big Brother called him to go for his diary session and he refused, Tobi was busy with the other members of Team Blue looking for their clues in the Heritage Bank Task. He replied to Biggie’s call by saying he should be left alone, and since then Big Brother left Tobi alone by not calling him for diary sessions.

Big Brother also had an option of issuing Tobi with a strike on that very day but he didn’t, today Tobi jumped for joy when Big Brother finally summoned him to the diary session but his joy was short-lived when biggie served him a double Strike.

This simply means that Tobi has 2 strikes and if he receives one more strike, he’ll immediately be disqualified from the Big Brother Naija

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