Day 49: Erica throws insults at Laycon

Erica insults Laycon on day 49 of Big Brother Naija 2020

Erica rained a series of heavy insults at fellow housemate Laycon after this week’s Saturday night party.

To begin with, there was drama on the dance floor during this week’s Saturday night party as Erica managed to get some issues that had been bothering her off of her mind.

During the party, Nengi and Kiddwaya were vibing on the dance floor and whenever they got close they were interrupted by Erica and Ozo marking their territory. Then Erica took a few moments to speak to Nengi personally about Kiddwaya, where she said that if there was a connection between Nengi and Kiddwaya, it should be brought out into the open. Nengi replied to Erica and told her that the attraction is not that serious and that they even knew each other before entering the house.

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When the party was done and the housemates were getting into their after party vibes in the kitchen area, Laycon was warming his food to eat when Erica brought the fight to him screaming at him for allegedly lying to Ebuka about her trying to kiss him twice.

Erica didn’t backdown as Trikytee and Kiddwaya made efforts to calm her down, when Laycon tried to separate himself from the chaos by sitting at the table with Prince, Dorathy, and Neo, Erica screamed at the top of her lungs that she was not attracted to him, never tried to kiss him, and then insulted him using many four-letter words and calling him a “skinny drum stick”.

Erica asked Laycon to back the kissing with proof, she called him a pu55y, and that he looks like a chicken and that he is ugly.

Erica also called Laycon an Idiot, that all he talks about is Erica, that he adds nothing to the house except Erica.

Erica insulting Laycon on Day 49 of Big Brother Naija 2020 'Season 5'
Erica insulting Laycon after week 7’s Saturday night party.

Erica continued by saying that she will do whatever it takes to make sure Laycon suffers in life, she continued cursing him by saying that Laycon will rot in hell.

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Erica said that Laycon and Vee are her enemies, but then the next second she told Vee that she’s beautiful.

Erica also shouted at Kiddwaya for not picking her side in this fight, she went on saying that Laycon has already manipulated them to be against her.

Erica shouting at Kiddwaya for supporting Laycon and not her
Erica shouting at Kiddwaya for supporting Laycon and not her.

Erica then retired to the head of House Lounge where she had a disagreement with Prince who was also trying to get her to calm down and shower so that she could be closer to her senses. Prince told Erica that he won’t pick a side because he wasn’t there when things escalated, he then told her to sleep it off.

Dorathy told Erica that it isn’t worth it, that it is only once Ebuka has done that. But Erica continued to complain that why is it then always about her, she further stated that Laycon is using her to trend.

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It was night of drama in the Big Brother Naija lockdown house and the only question that remains is if it will be the cause of Erica’s final strike and her Eviction from the House.

So what do you think about Erica’s behaviour towards Laycon? Do you think she deserves to be disqualified by Big Brother given that she is on her very last warning? Please share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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9 Responses

  1. Segzy says:

    She as no respect for big brother and his rule imagine insulting your fellow house mate at his front, I wonder if biggy rule are stand….. but for me no woman can insult me

  2. Peter says:

    She really need to be disqualified, bcus she as broken d rules for the 5th times…. She must be disqualified

  3. Titus I. Targuma says:

    No one above mistake, Erica has apologize and I think, she should be forgiven.

  4. Lilian Omokpokpor says:

    Erica should be disqualify, her madness in big brother naija is too much

  5. ARIKEADE says:

    She just need to be disqualified because the insult is too much for a fellow housemate.she must leave the house tonight…

  6. Shamy says:

    Erica must leave the house. She’s too disrespectful to both big brother and her fellow housemates. She’s broken so many rules and must be sanctioned y,g

  7. deekor desmond says:

    She should be disqualify for the misbehaviour is too much from if BBN house is her village where she can show all her dirty attitude anyhow.. imagine her telling laycon he suffer in life and that she will deal with him..we have seen her dirty life and we don’t want to see it again she should be evicted today

  8. suzi Motshwane says:

    Erica must be disqualified because she knows the rules of big brother house.She was too much of herself when she is winning the games of head of house.

  9. Priscilla says:

    Well done Biggie. Erica should be very grateful for the platform and the opportunity. She has been very disrespectful and judgmental towards Laycon. And for what? Laycon was not lying about her. She has a bad attitude and looks down on the other housemates. And she is lacks confidence in herself. Its a shame because she was a favourite to many. You have done a good thing by removing her. A girl should know how to handle her liquor. And they all gonna learn this today!!

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