Day 40: Omashola Wins Week 6 Bet9ja Friday Night Arena Games

Omashola has won the Bet9ja Friday Night Arena Games of Big Brother Naija season 4 week 6.

Omashola WinsWeek 6 Bet9ja Friday Night Arena Games

Continuing from where he left off last week, the guy from Warri once again completed the entire course in the shortest period of time, in second position was new housemate Elozonam.

For this week’s Bet9ja arena games, there was a maximum of 5 minutes for each housemate to complete the course, a housemate was to be timed out if they exceed 5 minutes without completing the course.

The housemate who finished the entire course in the shortest period of time was to be rewarded with 400 Bet9ja coins, then the runner-up (the housemate who completed the course in the second least time) was to be rewarded with 200 Bet9ja coins

Also, this week’s Bet9ja arena games were to played in the housemate’s respective Teams (The Icons and Cruisetopia) that were formed earlier on this week [Read More About That Here].

At the end of the games, the times of each housemate on the same team was to be summed together and the Team with the least time would emerge as the winner.

The winning Team would then be the winners of this week’s wager and would be eligible to do shopping for next week while the losing team will only receive their basic needs next week.

Further still, each member of the winning team was to be awarded 20 Bet9ja coins, the arena games then kicked off with Cindy from ‘The Icons’ team playing first, below is a summary of how each member of the two Teams performed.

Team ‘The Icons’:

NOTE: The time below is in minutes.

1. Cindy completed the course in 01:41:21

2. Ike completed the course in 02:35:13 but was then disqualified by Big Brother for showing a bad attitude and taking himself so serious as he repeatedly tried to argue with Big Brother’s ninjas.

3. Sir Dee completed the course in 01:03:19

4. Tacha completed the course in 05:00:17 which simply means she was timed out, she was unable to complete the course in the allocated 5 minutes time frame.

5. Elozonam completed the course in 00:40:03

6. Enkay completed the course in 01:12:06

7. Frodd completed the course in 00:44:16

8. Khafi completed the course in 01:31:09

9. Omashola completed the course in 00:32:20

Team ‘Cruisetopia’:

NOTE: The time below is in minutes.

1. Joe completed the course in 00:54:09

2. Venita completed the course in 01:04:06

3. Seyi completed the course in 00:40:05

4. Diane completed the course in 01:56:17

5. Mike completed the course in 02:19:20

6. Esther completed the course in 01:33:20

7. Gedoni completed the course in 00:44:11

8. Mercy completed the course in 02:41:07

9. Jackye completed the course in 00:45:18

After all the housemates from both teams had completed taking part in today’s Bet9ja arena games, Omashola was the winner having completed the course in a time of just 32 seconds and 20 milliseconds, Big Brother has rewarded him with 400 Bet9ja coins.

Elozonam has managed to seal the second spot after he completed the course in a time of 40 seconds and 3 milliseconds, Big Brother has rewarded him with 200 Bet9ja coins.

Elozonam is the runner-up of week 6 Bet9ja arena games

And after summing up the finishing times of all the housemates on the same team, Big Brother announced Team ‘Cruisetopia’ as the overall winners of this week’s Bet9ja arena games.

Cruisetopia Team wins week 6 Bet9ja arena games

As a reward, each member of Team ‘Cruisetopia’ was rewarded with 20 Bet9ja coins. Further still, Team ‘Cruisetopia’ will have the luxury of doing shopping for next week on Sunday.

Congratulations to all the winners tonight, Omashola, Elozonam and Team ‘Cruisetopia’.

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