Day 40: Housemates Lose Their 100% Wager For Week 6

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Lose Their 100% Wager For Week 6

The Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates have lost their 100% wager for Week 6 under the leadership of Bambam as the Head of House.

Following tonight’s PayPorte arena challenge that was won by Cee-C, Big Brother asked all the housemates to gather in the lounge so that he could give his judging on the fate of their 100% wager of this week.

Big Brother was critical of Ifu Ennada and Lolu’s behaviour during yesterday’s debate in which the pair threw insults around instead of focusing on debating.

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Biggie appreciated the moderator of the debate, Teddy A by saying he did a very good job even though he was a bit biased at some point. Big Brother also commended all the housemates on how they dressed up for the debate.

However Big Brother was of the view that Nina, Cee-C and Alex who were the judges of the debate didn’t do enough especially with the questions they asked the speakers from both sides.

Big Brother said the housemates had enough time to prepare and could have done a lot better with their environmental awareness task.

The housemates were also at fault when it came to honouring the ‘International Women’s Day’, Biggie had asked the housemates to stand up one at a time and imitate a woman in their life and also reveal something about that woman that inspires them.

Instead the housemates interpreted it as though Big Brother had asked them to honour their mothers.

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Therefore after combining all the above failures, Big Brother broke the bad news to the housemates that they had lost their 100% wager this week. Biggie however informed the housemates that starting next week they’ll resume deciding on how much they place for their wager.

And after losing their 100% wager, Ifu Ennada and Alex headed straight to the refrigerator to check on the food they’ve remained with in the house..

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