Day 32: Housemates Win Their 100% Wager For Week 5

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Win 100% Wager For Week 5

The Big Brother Naija season 3 housemates have won their 100% wager for week 5 following tonight’s task presentation which was an exhibition of Nigerian art and culture.

This week Big Brother informed the housemates that they would be presenting the task in pairs (their strategic pairs) and they’ve obviously pulled it off tonight.

This week’s Head of House Tobi began the task presentation by announcing all the pairs, while explaining their exhibition of arts and music.

The first pair to present was Tena ‘Teddy A and Nina’, and they had composed some songs for the presentation. Nina performed a song in Pidgin for the task presentation.

Bamco ‘Bambam and Rico Swavey’ were up next and they represented the West and the North of Nigeria through the presentation of food.

Bambam and Rico Swavey performed a pantomime about a husband and wife with Bambam serving Rico Swavey the famous Nigerian soup, playing the perfect wife.

Lifu ‘Leo and Ifu Ennada’ presented next and explored the element of beauty in Nigerian culture, they showed how beauty has evolved from the traditional to the modern time.

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Mito ‘Miracle and Anto’ were the next pair on stage and they presented the dance element of tonight’s task.

Ceelo ‘Cee-C and Lolu’ were next and they showcased the diversity in Nigerian culture and the industry through a short play.

Gelah ‘Angel and Ahneeka’ exhibited the fashion in Nigeria and their outfits were inspired by Nigeria’s beautiful greenery.

And lastly Tolex ‘Tobi and Alex’ showed off their painting of rural Nigeria – Tobi said that art can be used to express anything.

Tobi then ended off the task presentation by giving a shout out to all the Big Brother Naija 2018 evicted housemates.

The housemates then stood in silence as they waited for Biggie judgement as regards to their task presentation.

And it’s true that hard work pays off, Big Brother then announced that the housemates have won their 100% wager for this week. Biggie went ahead and informed the housemates that he’ll give them a suitable reward tomorrow.

Actually this now means that the housemates have now won their wager in the last three consecutive weeks following two losses in the first two weeks of the show.

Congratulations housemates..

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