Day 26: Sir Dee Wins Week 4 Bet9ja Arena Games

– Sir Dee has won week 4’s Friday Night Bet9ja Arena Games and Big Brother has rewarded him with 400 Bet9ja coins.

– Ike finished in second position and Big Brother rewarded him with 200 Bet9ja coins.

– This week’s Bet9ja Arena challenge was a crime scene and it consisted of four challenges.

Sir Dee Wins Week 4 Bet9ja Friday Night Arena Games

Sir Dee has managed to win this week’s Friday night Bet9ja arena games after he completed the course with the in the least amount of time.

This week’s games were made up of four challenges as explained below;

The first challenge was a puzzle challenge.

The second challenge was a shooting range and housemates were required to hit the target, each housemate had 10 shots to hit the target, if a housemate failed to hit the target at least once, they would have failed tonight’s challenge so they’ll immediately go and sit down.

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The third challenge was a fitness exercise and for the fourth challenge, housemates were supposed to find five brown beans from a ball of rubbish.

Each housemate had a maximum of 5 minutes to play the game with Diane being the first to take on the challenge.

Big Brother also asked all housemates to kindly remove their microphones before they played took part in the game.

– Diane completed the course in 03:22:08.

– Frodd completed the course in 04:11:11 but Big Brother disqualified him because there was something wrong with his puzzle, he actually did not correctly arrange it.

– Gedoni completed the course in 03:27:04.

– Thelma completed the course in 05:02:19.

– Khafi completed the course in 05:01:19.

– Jeff completed the course in 03:14:22.

– Omashola completed the course in 05:00:14

– Mercy completed the course in 03:35:02.

– Nelson completed the course in 02:57:09 but Big Brother disqualified him because he only performed two push ups on the Fitness exercise challenge.

– Esther completed the course in 5:00:17.

– Tacha completed the course in 05:00:17.

– Sir Dee completed the course in 02:51:08.

– Jackye completed the course in 03:15:00.

– Mike completed the course in 03:36:03.

– Ike completed the course in 03:00:09.

– Seyi completed the course in 03:18:18.

As a reward for their excellent performance tonight, Big Brother has rewarded Sir Dee with 400 Bet9ja coins and Ike with 200 Bet9ja coins, congratulations to both of them.

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  1. MP Heveleni says:

    I commend Diane for being the first and she so Well keep it up Girl

    Seyi disappointed me he was not fast enough

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