Day 21: Seyi and Tacha Are Fake Evicted To A Secret Room

Seyi and Tacha Fake Evicted To Secret Room On Day 21

Seyi and Tacha have been fake evicted to a secret room inside the Big Brother Naija house.

During the third live eviction show of Big Brother Naija season 4, housemates Oluwaseyi Awolowo also known as Seyi and Precious Natasha also known as Tacha have been separated from their fellow housemates and transferred to a secret inside the house.

Seyi has been the first housemate to move into the secret room following his FAKE eviction from the house and after a couple of minutes, Tacha also moved into the secret room in the second FAKE eviction tonight.

All their fellow housemates are fully convinced that the pair ‘Seyi and Tacha’ have actually been evicted from the house and that the total number of housemates who have left the house tonight is three, however they are in for a surprise very soon.

While inside the secret room, Seyi and Tacha have a TV screen where they can watch whatever is going in inside the Big Brother Naija house.

Big Brother has provided them with some cooked food, a lot of fruits, drinks and snacks so we are sure they are catered for as far as feeding is concerned.

Inside the secret room, Seyi and Tacha also have one bed that they are going to share and they also have a small refrigerator.

The pair’s luggage has also been delivered to them so they are really doing well inside there however Big Brother sent one of his Ninjas into the secret room to deliver a brief to Seyi and Tacha.

The Ninja handed Biggie’s brief to Tacha and informed her that Big Brother wanted her to read it out loud enough so that the viewers could also hear and get to know what it contained.

This brief contained a few rules of the secret room and below they are;

1. Seyi and Tacha are not evicted from the Big Brother Naija game.

2. They are still housemates and must conduct themselves as such, this simply means that they have to follow all the rules of the Big Brother Naija game.

3. They must not be noisy in any way.

4. Seyi and Tacha are not allowed to do any whispering, they must speak in low tones.

And that being said, we hope you now have a glimpse of what the secret room really is and what Seyi and Tacha’s fate is.

So what do you think about Big Brother’s twist tonight? Please share with us your view by making use of the comment section below.

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3 Responses

  1. Ogunjobi olasimbo says:

    I think that was nice and it a surprise move from bbn to d viewers at home, does that means they won’t participate in any arena games this week? And when r they going back to join others? Thanks

  2. kaphy musty says:

    God is at your back oluwaseyi stay cool#Team seyi#pepper Natacha pls don’t pepper my seyi oo,u know he is a cool guy.

  3. emma osakwe says:

    good job because it was also a big surprise to we, the viewers.

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