Day 18: Housemates Win Their Week 3 Wager

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Win Their Week 3 Wager

After losing their weekly wager for the first two weeks they spent in the Big Brother Naija house, Biggie’s housemates have finally won their first wager of the season.

It was all about celebrations this evening when Big Brother announced that the housemates had won their wager this week after placing a 50 percent wager on Monday. The visibly happy housemates jumped in jubilation and we could all see what this victory meant to them.

Well prior to today’s triumph, the housemates had endured losses in each of the last two weeks under the leadership of Tobi.

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However this week the housemates really showed a great improvement in their overall performance especially in the task presentation that took place this evening.

This week the housemates have also shown some improvement in as far as following rules of the Big Brother house and instructions from Biggie.

Despite the fact that they’ve still broken some rules, this week we’ve witnessed a great improvement from this bunch of generally lazy housemates.

And today when the task presentation kicked off, we held thumbs that all the effort pays off and the housemates win their Wager. The housemates presented a drama that was illustrating a very typical Nigerian situation and indeed they pulled it off in style.

And after the Task Presentation was over, the housemates stood up waiting for Big Brother’s Judgement. Biggie first asked this week’s head of house Khloe to briefly explain to him what the housemates’ drama was all about and how it united all of us Nigerians as a nation despite our political and religious differences to mention but a few.

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And as the housemates’ commander in chief, Khloe took the floor and threw some light on the housemates’ presentation to Biggie who fully understood what it was all about.

Biggie then picked out housemates randomly who he asked how they could rate the general performance of the housemates this week in connection to their wager. He picked out Leo, Bambam, Miracle, Dee-One, Alex and Anto who all had a positive rating of the housemates’ performance.

And without hesitation, Biggie then announced to the housemates that they had won this week’s wager and he promised to give them a reward tomorrow..

Congratulations housemates….

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