Day 17: Tacha Spews Insults At Frodd

Tacha insults Frodd day 17

Today in the morning Tacha went in on Frodd, firing a hail of insults at him after they had a disagreement about the use of the bathroom.

Following the housemates’ morning workout session, Frodd was ready to use the bathroom but realized that Tacha was already there.

As he made to go in, Tacha sent him back with peppery words. She would not allow any of the guys have their bath because she Tacha was bathing.

And while some of the male housemates inside the dressing room kept their cool about Tacha’s missile words, Ike was angry asking Tacha to at least show some respect.

Because Frodd didn’t say a word, Tacha became enraged hurling verbal missiles at him. She called him all sorts of names like “stupid”, “idiot” “multi-coloured human being”.

However peppery these words were, Frodd kept his cool and responded with silence, smart guy.

When Tacha came out of the bathroom, she started to abuse Frood the more, as though her earlier expressions were like a preamble.

As she peppered the mute Frodd with very powerful abusive words, to the extent of referring him back home, Frodd came out of the bathroom not saying a single word.

This seemed to surprise other housemates who were probably expecting him to come out in full force charging at Tacha. A few minutes later, all went silent.

Then suddenly Tacha started again, this time, using very powerful expressions that could hurt even the gentlest of human being.

She said that Frodd should feel lucky to be in the same place with her, as on a normal day she was too big a person to have anything to do with her.

And given Tacha’s choice of words and the determined manner with which she expressed them, can we see a case of someone waiting for this chance, as if there had been a misunderstanding earlier on.

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  1. Nemushi Apollonia says:

    job well done frood, God bless you

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