Cee-C Accidentally Injures Lolu After A Disagreement

As we write this Lolu is still feeling pain after Cee-C accidentally injured him earlier on today.

After Big Brother sent his ninjas into the house yesterday to re-pair the housemates for this week’s bonding exercise, Lolu was left tied together with Cee-C.

At first the pair were mute and probably didn’t having anything to speak about but they later broke the silence and got along well.

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Cee-C and Lolu bonded so well to the extent that they shared a long conversation till the wee hours in which Cee-C confessed her love for Tobi.

However in the morning the pair had a few disagreements which eventually led to the accident that injured Lolu.

Well after all the disagreements Cee-C and Lolu had in the morning, Lolu sort of wanted to retaliate so he stood next a wall and refused to walk any further as you can see in the photo above.

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So Cee-C decided to pull a nearby couch so that she could sit down probably not putting into consideration the fact that she was tied up to Lolu with a harness, so as she tried to sit down the harness was let loose and then the harness hames hit Lolu hard on the thigh and the pelvic area.

Lolu reacts and quicky moves out of the house after the harness hames hit him hard
Lolu reacts and quicky moves out of the house after the harness hames hit him hard

Biggie has since called Lolu to the diary room to receive first aid and treatment.

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