Bitto’s Profile On Big Brother Naija 2018

Bitto Bryan Arumun Proifle On Big Brother Naija 2018
Name: Bitto Bryan Arumun

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Occupation: Radio Presenter, TV Host, Entrepreneur and PR Manager

Residence / Birthplace: Calabar

Bitto is an on-air presenter who is currently in a loving relationship.

He expects his family to be shocked that he has come to the Big Brother Naija house but very supportive of him.

He says he will miss Sylvia his best friend and girlfriend the most.

The youngest of four siblings, Bitto’s most painful memory was losing his mum at an early age.

He would love to win so he can change his family’s perception of the entertainment industry.

If he was an animal, Bitto says he would be a camel for there is no stroke that can break his back.

Bitto’s hobbies include traveling, taking pictures, music and movies.

What irritates you the most about other people: I don’t like lousy people. Gossips.

What will you be bringing into the Big Brother Naija house: A mix of my everyday life- creating mock radio shows and debates. I am a perfect mix of Nigeria, having the North, South and West experience.

What will you do with the prize money: I will give 20% to charity, start my own production studio- audio and video. Get married and start a family.

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