Day 29: Bisola Is Immune From Week 5 Nominations

Day 29, Bisola Immune From Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 5 Nominations

After answering her question right last night on the Big Brother Naija live stage, Bisola won herself immunity from Nominations this week.

Yesterday during the eviction show, Big Brother informed the housemates that they were going to play a game with fantastic prizes.

However the 3 nominated housemates (Marvis, ThinTallTony and Gifty), the 2 fake housemates (Jon and Ese) and Bally (who is in possession of the Green Advantage Card) were not to take part in this game.

Biggie’s rewards were:

1. Immunity from nominations for this week

2. A traditional Nigerian feast of the winner’s choice.

3. The other prizes were winning a PayPorte shopping voucher worth 200 000 Naira and a 300 000 Naira in cash, abowl of ice-cream, 28 BBNaira to shop for luxury items during the coming week or a slab of chocolate all thanks to PayPorte.

So the housemates to take part in this game were selected randomly with the help of Big Brother’s Ninjas.

Finally TBoss, Bisola and Bassey were the housemates selected to play Biggie’s game.

However if the housemates replied with wrong answers to their questions, they could be up for automatic nomination for this week.

Housemates could also face a possibility of doing a couple of tasks in the BBNaija house which included sweeping for the entire week, becoming the house Joker for a whole day or even washing dishes for a full day and they could not receive any messages from home.

Bisola was the first housemate up and she won immunity from nomination this week with her correct answer of who was the first housemate to enter the Diary Room, her correct answer was TBoss.

On the other hand Bassey also answered his question correctly after he was asked how many robotic cameras are inside the BBNaija house, his correct answer was 29 cameras. He then won a traditional Nigerian dish of his choice.

And lastly it was TBoss the boss lady but she failed to answer her question correctly, she was asked to reveal the number of windows found in the arena which she failed to provide a correct answer for.

And as a consequence of failing her question, TBoss will be washing the dishes inside the BBNaija house.

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