Big Brother Naija ‘Shower Hour’ Banned By Multichoice

Big Brother Naija 2017 House Photos

As preparations are in top gear for the second edition of reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, organisers have revealed that there will be no broadcast of ‘shower hours’, when the show returns on January 22, 2017.

This comes to some fans as ‘decent’, following the controversies generated by that segment of the show, during the now rested continental edition, Big Brother Africa.

MultiChoice is bringing back the Nigerian version of the series after 10 years. It had announced after the last edition of Big Brother Africa that each African country will stage the show henceforth.

Renamed Big Brother Naija, the show will have 12 housemates who will compete for the prize of N25 million and a brand new KIA Sorento car.

Sponsored by PayPorte, the program will run for 78 days, starting 22 January 2017 with a two-hour, live, televised launch and end on 9 April 2017 with a two-hour, live, televised finale.

MultiChoice announced that the show will air on dedicated event channels on all DStv packages on channel 198 and GOtvPlus on channel 29.

During the show, a variety of Nigerian personalities will visit the Big Brother Naija house, including musicians and actors, while the show’s presenter will also be a Nigerian.

Meanwhile, auditions for the show have been concluded in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt, witnessing an impressive turn out of Big Brother Naija hopefuls from different backgrounds, each with unique skills and personalities.

Caroline Oghuma, Public Relations, Manager, MultiChoice, expressed her delight at the abundance of talent displayed during the auditions. She noted that the Big Brother reality show is about providing a platform to showcase people from different walks of life, creating an avenue for talent to be spotted and ultimately propelling people into super stardom.

“We believe that Big Brother Naija will birth a new and refreshing crop of talented Nigerians. Judging from the energy we witnessed at the audition, it is safe to say that Nigerians are in for an amazing show,” said Oghuma.

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5 Responses

  1. Durfa Ponman says:

    debie rise I give you 25 present but the remaining 75 for Efe

  2. Anonymous says:

    MY girl friend in Abuja like TTT but me…as J-town nigger I voted for Efe

  3. Durfa Ponman says:

    Jasper durfa from J-town voted for Efe

  4. Anonymous says:

    please biggi u see Efe and bally are the right people to share that money

  5. Anonymous says:

    What!!! This is ridiculous there was nothing wrong with shower hour. The thing that no one is realizing is they know they are on camera. If they choose to shower in the buff or not is a choice. We the viewers get to see how bold they are or how conservative they are, how being in this environment changes every aspect of who they are. You are once again censoring without good cause only to show how much power you have without consideration of your viewers. If the showers were a problem people wouldn't join the show or tune in during this time.