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Big Brother Naija Season 4 Day 24 Live Feed Blog: follow our live feed blog for all the latest updates on whatever happens inside the Big Brother Naija house.

7:58 PM – Seyi, Tacha and the rest of the housemates are eating the meal that they had cooked for their supposed guest.

7:35 PM – Tacha and Seyi re-enter the house much to the surprise of the housemates.

6:00 PM – Gedoni and Khafi are in the garden chatting.

3:47 PM – In the Big Brother Naija secret room, Seyi and Tacha are eating their lunch meal.

3:43 PM – Khafi is making all the housemates’ beds.

3:40 PM – Jeff is cleaning and organizing the lounge.

3:36 PM – Thelma, Esther, Diane, Mercy, Mike, Nelson and Sir Dee are in the kitchen and have started preparing the guest’s meal.

3:34 PM – Meanwhile Ike is cleaning in the garden.

3:31 PM – Omashola is in the bedroom cleaning and picking up litter as part of the housemates’ preparation for their first guest later on today.

3:20 PM – Housemates led by Esther are in the kitchen planning on what and how they are going to cook a meal for their incoming guest.

3:15 PM – With all the housemates gathered in the lounge, Khafi reads out a brief from Big Brother [Read More About This Brief Here]. In the brief Big Brother wants the housemates to cook a meal and clean the entire as they prepare to receive their first guest.

3:07 PM – Housemates been gathering in the lounge to listen to the latest brief from Big Brother.

2:12 PM – Khafi, Mike, Nelson, Sir Dee, Gedoni are in the garden area next to the jacuzzi having a conversation.

1:00 PM – Mike is chatting to Jackye with his FAKE English accent as he washes dishes at the kitchen sink.

12:29 PM – Frodd and Esther are in the bedroom sharing ideas on what to come up with in regards to this week’s theme ‘Back to School’.

12:25 PM – Instead of being creative and come up with something sensible in regards to this week’s theme ‘Back To School’, Ike and Mercy are in the bedroom chatting as the later sits on the former’s lap.

12:08 PM – Mike gathers all his fellow housemates in the lounge and suggests that the housemates use their time creatively instead of sleeping all day, Mike is of the view that the housemates create a talent show.

11:40 AM – Big Brother summons Mike to the diary room.

11:35 AM – Mike who had been sleeping is now eating his breakfast meal.

11:27 AM – In the bedroom, Nelson is jazzing Thelma while Diane working on the love letter task.

11:11 AM – Esther is in the kitchen washing dishes as she chats to Frodd.

11:00 AM – Almost all the housemates are in their beds.

10:28 AM – Big Brother summons Jackye to the diary room.

10:18 AM – Frodd and Gedoni are having a over meat.

10:11 AM – Housemates are eating their breakfast meal.

10:07 AM – Frodd is the chief servant today, his busy in the kitchen serving breakfast to his fellow housemates.

9:56 AM – Housemates are preparing to have their breakfast meal.

9:22 AM – Ike and his lady love Mercy are in bed chatting.

9:13 AM – Esther, Khafi, Diane and Thelma are in the closet beautifying themselves

9:11 AM – Big Brother summons Mercy to the diary room

9:02 AM – Frodd is in the closet room ironing his clothes

8:54 AM – Mercy and Ike are on the bed cuddling while having a conversation

7:41 AM – Housemates are in the arena for their daily morning workout session.

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