Big Brother Naija 2019 Day 23 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2019 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija Season 4 Day 23 Live Feed Blog: follow our live feed blog for all the latest updates on whatever happens inside the Big Brother Naija house.

10:45pm – Mike, Khafi and Ike are having a conversation in the bedroom.

9:32pm – Housemates are having their super meal.

7:05pm – Jackye is in the kitchen frying banana crisps.

7:18pm – Omashola is cleaning the kitchen floor.

6:00pm – Frodd is having a conversation with Sir Dee, Jeff and Ike in the kitchen area.

4:51pm – Seyi and Tacha are busy writing their love letters.

2:35pm – In the secret room, Seyi is sleeping while Tacha is busy with her writing task.

1:33pm – Housemates are having their lunch meal.

12:30pm – Tacha and Seyi are discussing about today’s love letter task.

12:27pm – Big Brother informs the housemates that the store is now open for them to collect the materials that they are going to use in today’s love letter and poem task.

12:21pm – Housemates are all gathered in the lounge as Diane reads out a task brief from Big Brother, in the brief, Big Brother wants the housemates to write love letters or poems.

11:50am – Khafi is in the kitchen cooking maize.

11:34am – Seyi and Tacha are having their breakfast meal as they chat.

11:03am – Ike, Diane and Mercy are having a conversation

10:07am – Ike’s comparing her cooking to Tacha’s really got at Mercy.

10:00am – Esther and Nelson are in bed having a conversation

8:41am – Most of the housemates are back in their beds sleeping

8:30am – Ike, Mercy and Diane are in the kitchen area having a conversation.

8:20am – Gedoni is washing utensils

8:18am – Sir Dee is doing some cleaning in the kitchen

8:15am – Mike is having his breakfast

7:14am – The housemates have woken up

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