Day 69 Highlights: Amazing Things That You Might Have Missed

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 69 Highlights

Being the second to last Saturday of Big Brother Naija 2017, everything that happened yesterday will stay in the housemates’ for quite long.

Biggie’s housemates were reminded that they still had a Wager to win and told them that they had to cook six separate meals for a special guest later, the best meal would get a reward.

The Housemates then chose what dishes they would prepare as Biggie had told them that they had to use what was already in the House but that if they needed any more ingredients, they should tell HoH Bisola. She would then request them off Biggie.

While they were preparing, Biggie, ever mindful of the day’s date, April the 1st and that meant April Fools.

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Biggie, who is never one to dissappoint, caught Marvis and Bally out spectacularly when he made them think that Bisola had been disqualified. Bisola, who Biggie called into the Diary Room to tell her about his devious scheme, played her part of the disqualified to perfection. Some weren’t as convinced and when Biggie said “April Fools,” TBoss said, “I knew it.”

The Housemates were about to find out who the meals were for as they were summoned into the Arena. Biggie said “Freeze” and in came the Housemates friends and family with messages from home.

The Housemates couldn’t move but they were all visibly moved to tears. They gathered later in the lounge and spoke about what had just happened.

Biggie let them know that they had done well with their Wager this past week and they had won. He told them that their surprise was in the Store Room and they rushed there to get it.

Bisola was looking for new victims as she brought out the Alligator Queen with Bally receiving most of her attention.

With three superstar DJ’s in the House, the Saturday Night Legend Extra Stout Party was lit. DJKENTALKY started the night with some awesome foot stompers and later DJ Ssnatched away the deckjs for his set until it was time for DJ Consequence to take the Housemates to the next level. It was an amazing Extreme Party:

Efe celebrated a bit too much and despiute getting close and personal with Marvis while they were kissing, she wouldn’t help him out when he was too drunk to stand.

It seems as if the pressure is even getting to Captain Nipple. We cannot wait to see what happens this Sunday evening at the Live Eviction Show where any one of Debie-Rise, TBoss, Bally and Marvis could go home.

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