BBNaija 2018 Day 57 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Updates

10:42pm – Today’s diary sessions end with Nina.

9:55pm – Lolu and Cee-C are having a one on one conversation in the garden.

8:19pm – Today’s nominations kick off with Tobi.

7:30pm – Week 9’s live nomination show comes to and end.

7:00pm – This week’s live nomination show kicks off.

5:53pm – Rico Swavey is in the kitchen preparing the housemates’ meal.

5:50pm – Nina is washing dishes.

5:32pm – PayPorte delivers the housemates’ groceries and we all know how much they love food.

5:15pm – Tobi wins this week’s Head of House challenge thereby becoming the new Head of House.

4:55pm – Housemates are all gathered in the lounge opening and revealing what’s inside the chance envelopes they collected one at a time.

4:08pm – The housemates are hunting for chance envelopes in this week’s Head of House challenge.

3:59pm – Alex and Rico Swavey are having a one on one conversation on the bed.

3:34pm – Big Brother’s ninjas are hiding the chance envelopes in different place of the house.

3:17pm – Bambam tells Rico Swavey that she knows that he was hit hard by the fact that she chose Teddy A over him.

3:00pm – Out going Head of House Miracle reads out a task brief regarding this week’s Head of House challenge.

2:06pm – Big Brother asks all the housemates to move out of the house and close all the front doors and remain in the garden until further notice.

1:08pm – The housemates have all gathered into the lounge.

1:06pm – Big Brother orders all the housemates to close the front doors of the house and remain inside the house until further notice.

12:25pm – The housemates are in the garden playing the dice game.

12:16pm – The ninja finally exits the house.

12:12pm – Big Brother’s ninja, ‘Ninja Prime’ has entered the house with a digital camera and moved straight to the garden where the housemates are. He’s now taking pictures of the housemates are everything that interests him.

12:04pm – Teddy A is in the kitchen washing the plate he’s been eating on.

11:45am – The housemates are in the garden having a conversation.

11:18am – Cee-C and Lolu are in the garden having a conversation.

11:03am – Rico Swavey is in the kitchen preparing the housemates’ food like he usually does.

10:48am – Khloe is doing her makeup inside closet room.

10:40am – Rico Swavey is giving Lolu a hairdo inside the bedroom.

10:32am – Lolu is seated in the garden.

10:27am – Rico Swavey is giving Anto a hairdo in the closet room.

10:25am – Lolu is seated alone in the garden.

10:15am – Cee-C and Nina are doing laundry.

9:46am – The housemates are taking showers and cleaning themselves up.

9:10am – Khloe is preparing noodles in the kitchen.

8:50am – The housemates’ morning workout session has ended and they’re back inside the house.

7:50am – Housemates’ morning workout session has kicked off

7:47am – The housemates are all in the garden ready for their routine morning workout session.

7:42am – The housemates are putting on their morning workout attire before they move to the garden for their morning workout session.

7:30am – The housemates wake up only to find returnees Khloe and Anto in the house.

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