BBNaija 2018 Day 52 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Updates

9:00pm – The housemates are having dinner.

8:01pm – Miracle and Alex are still playing the dice game.

7:38pm – Nina is sleeping.

7:35pm – Alex and Miracle are playing the dice game.

7:24pm – Alex and Tobi are playing the dice game which ends with Tobi losing and stripping off all his clothes.

6:50pm – Alex and Cee-C are on the couch having a one on conversation trying to solve their differences following their fight that happened today in the afternoon. We hope they bury the hatchet.

6:43pm – The guys are inside the closet room playing table tennis.

6:25pm – Biggie is not impressed with the way the housemates have performed in the eggs’ challenge, he says they’ve failed the challenge.

6:17pm – Once again Big Brother throws in another dangerous substitute Alex, she is supposed to peel and eat 13 eggs in just 5 minutes.

6:04pm- Big Brother makes a substitute, Miracle is now standing in for Lolu as the ‘Fatest hands’ to peel as many eggs as he can.

5:51pm – Biggie has selected Lolu as the fastest hand and he only has 5 minutes to peel as many eggs as he can.

5:42pm – The housemates are in the arena for their second championship challenge of the day, the challenge involves cracking and eating boiled eggs..

4:44pm – All the housemates are gathered in the lounge and Head of House Miracle is reading out a brief for today’s second championship challenge.

4:36pm – Cee-C is in the kitchen giving company to Bambam and Rico Swavey who are preparing he housemates’ food.

3:58pm – Bambam and Rico Swavey are inside the kitchen cooking

2:59pm – The challenge ends with the housemates failing..

2:33pm – The housemates are in the arena for their first championship challenge of today..

2:11pm – A fight breaks up between Alex and Cee-C.. 😂😂😂😂😂

1:59pm – Head of House Miracle reads out a task brief to his fellow housemates who are all gathered inside the lounge.

1:33pm – Tobi, Miracle and Teddy A are in the garden as the latter is smoking like he usually does.

12:32pm – Teddy A is eating his food while having a conversation with Bambam.

12:17pm – Majority of the housemates are sleeping.

11:59am – Tobi is quietly resting in the garden deep in thoughts.

11:05am – Lolu and Bambam are having a one on conversation.

9:17am – Housemates are having breakfast.

8:31am – The housemates are done with their morning workout session and have now left the arena.

7:50am – The housemates’ morning workout session begins.

7:46am – The housemates are in the arena for their morning workout session.

7:44am – Big Brother orders all the housemates to go to the garden and prepare to move to the arena.

7:19am – Lolu is doing some cleaning in the kitchen.

7:10am – Lolu is quietly seated in the garden alone.

7:08am – Big Brother asks the Head of House to please report to the diary room.

7:04am – Big Brother attempts to wake the housemates up.

7:00am – The housemates are still asleep.

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