BBNaija 2018 Day 40 Live Feed Blog

10:51pm – Teddy A, Tobi, Lolu and Bambam are in the garden discussing about the App that Team Blue came up with during the Heritage bank task

10:28pm – Big Brother has just sent the housemates alcohol

10:23pm – Big Brother announces Team Blue which consists of Tobi, Lolu, Leo and Ifu Ennada as the winner of the Heritage Bank task.

10:15pm – Big Brother asks the housemates to gather in the lounge so that he can reveal the results of the Heritage Bank task.

9:45pm – After losing their 100% wager, Ifu Ennada and Alex head straight to the refrigerator to check on the food they’ve remained with in the house..

9:43pm – Big Brother gives his judgement on the housemates’ wager for this week, Biggie says the housemates didn’t do enough therefore they’ve lost the 100% wager.

9:38pm – Big Brother announces Cee-C as the winner of this week’s Friday night PayPorte Arena challenge.

9:36pm – Cee-C completes the challenge in just 49 seconds even though she was not feeling well health wise.

9:15pm – Big Brother cancels Teddy A’s round for breaking one of the rules of the game, he then orders him to repeat the challenge.

8:47pm – The PayPorte arena games kick off with Tobi being the first housemate to participate

8:37pm – The housemates are in the arena for this week’s Friday night PayPorte Arena challenge

6:04pm – Led by Rico Swavey, Cee-C and Anto are in the kitchen preparing dinner for the housemates

5:16pm – The housemates are having a talk about the just concluded Heritage bank task presentation

4:40pm – The Heritage bank presentation is over, the housemates have left the arena and moved back inside the house

4:10pm – The presentation has began with team white presenting their App

4:00pm – The housemates are in the arena for their presentation in the Heritage bank task

1:25pm – The housemates are having final discussions before they have their presentations in the Heritage bank task

12:33pm – So Alex prepared food for Leo, he’s now enjoy his meal

12:25pm – Alex is cleaning the kitchen floor

12:12pm – Rico Swavey is sleeping on the living room couch

12:01pm – Majority of the housemates are in their beds sleeping

11:22am – Alex and Ifu Ennada are having a conversation in the kitchen

10:55am – Teddy A is seated by the Jacuzzi conversing with Bambam as he smokes his cigarettes

10:43am – Lolu is in the garden sleeping, Alex and Leo are also in the garden cuddling as Teddy A is busy narrating his stories to the other housemates

9:59am – Rico Swavey is giving Anto a hairdo

9:48am – Teddy A and Bambam are at the kitchen sink washing dishes

9:27am – The housemates are having breakfast

8:55am – Housemates are taking showers following the morning workout they’ve had

8:44am – The housemates are done with their morning workout session

7:58am – The housemates’ morning workout session has now began

7:55am – The housemates are now in the arena for their morning routine workout

7:45am – Big Brother tells the housemates to go to the garden and prepare to move to the arena for their morning workout.

7:28am – The housemates are now awake.

Good morning to you all and welcome to day 40 of Big Brother Nigeria 2018, follow today’s Live Feed Blog for all the latest updates. You can as well check out yesterday’s highlights Here.

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