BBNaija 2018 Day 38 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

11:45pm – As miracle and Nina continue solving their differences, the other housemates are in the living room rehearsing and getting ready for tomorrow’s presentation.

11:34pm – Nina and Miracle are solving their differences in the closet room

10:15pm – Team Blue finally find all their clues of The Treasure Hunt Task.

9:28pm – Cee-C, Rico Swavey and Teddy A are in the garden conversing as the latter smokes his cigarettes.

9:23pm – During her diary session, Ifu Ennada tells Biggie that today she woke up horny!!!.. 😅😅😅

9:16pm – Ifu Ennada’s diary session is now on.

9:11pm – During her diary session, Nina tells Big Brother that she has actually started hearing about Global warming inside the #BBNaija house, Nina says she had never heard of Global warming before coming to the Big Brother house…. 😅😅😅

9:01pm – Nina’s diary session is now on..

8:46pm – Lolu’s diary session is now on..

8:35pm – Bambam’s diary session is now on..

8:33pm – The housemates are eating their dinner meal

8:26pm – Captain Miracle’s diary session is now on..

8:17pm – Anto’s diary session is now on.

8:07pm – Teddy’s A diary session is now on.

7:56pm – Cee-C’s diary session is now on..

7:48pm – Leo’s diary session is now on.

7:34pm – Day 38 diary sessions kick off.. Alex is goes to the diary room

4:10pm – Biggie opens the store room for Team Green after they found all six of their clues in the ongoing Treasure Hunt Task.

4:55pm – Big Brother gives the housemates a new task, The Treasure Hunt Task that is going to run for 3 days and is sponsored by Heritage bank.

4:49pm – Big Brother orders all the housemates to go to the living room

4:07pm – Cee-C is also explaining to Rico Swavey what exactly led to her Quarrel with Alex a while ago

3:53pm – Alex is explaining to Rico Swavey what exactly caused her Quarrel with Cee-C that happened a few minutes ago..

3:41pm – Big Brother asks all the housemates to close the front doors of the house and remain in the garden until further notice.

3:18pm – A fight breaks up between Alex and Cee-C, but as usual Lolu was there to calm down Cee-C. Mean while below is Lolu whenever he hears Cee-C quarrelling..😅😅😅😅

LoluonhearingCee Cquarrelling

12:27pm – Miracle is explaining to Nina a few aspects of global warming

12:23pm – Lolu and Anto are in bed getting close

10:27am – Housemates are having their breakfast

10:13am – Our housemates are preparing to have their breakfat

8:51am – Housemates are now cleaning up by taking showers following the morning workout session

8:46am – The Housemates’ morning workout session is now over, they’ve left the arena and moved back inside the house.

8:30am – The housemates that had taken a break have now resumed with their morning workout

8:23am – Some housemates like, Alex, Lolu, Cee-C and Miracle have taken a break from the morning workout, they’re resting for now

8:02am – The housemates are in the arena working out.

7:23am – Housemates have began waking up.

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