BBNaija 2018 Day 27 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog11:34pm – This week’s Saturday night party is over

10:00pm – The BBNaija Saturday Night Party is already on, hope you’re all watching..

8:14pm – The housemates are preparing for tonight’s party

5:15pm – The housemates have completed their makeup task are have left the garden, they’re back inside the house.

4:53pm – The makeup task has started.

4:40pm – The housemates move to garden in preparation of their makeup task

4:37pm – Biggie gives the housemates a makeup task

4:32pm – Big Brother asks all the housemates to gather in the lounge..

3:59pm – The housemates are going to have lunch

1:56pm – Angel and his strategic partner Ahneeka are upstairs inside one of the bedrooms have a conversation

1:51pm – Tobi is removing Anto’s hair plaits, but will Cee-C be happy if she sees him doing this?

1:17pm – Mean while in the garden there’s a class going on, Angel is explaining to the housemates about how their bodies perceive heat.

12:59pm – Leo, Rico Swavey and Teddy A are in the garden conversing, Rico Swavey then tells the guys about the delinquent life he lived when in his friends’ company.

12:48pm – Rico Swavey and Alex have a conversation that sheds some light on Rico’s love interest outside the Big Brother house and by the looks of it, he’s a total lover boy.

11:00am – The housemates are now awake, seems like they were so tired hence the long sleep

7:50am – The housemates are still sleeping

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