BBNaija 2017 Week 5 Nominations: Check Out Who Nominated Who

Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 5 Nominations

The Big Brother Naija 2017 nominations for this week have taken place and just in case you missed them, here’s a summary of how the housemates nominated each other.

1. Bally used his advantage card and nominated Jon and Bassey.

2. TBoss nominated Bally and Uriel

3. Uriel nominated fake Housemates Ese and Jon

4. Marvis nominated Ese and Debie-Rise

5. Jon nominated Bally and Marvis

6. Debie-Rise nominated Ese and Jon

7. Bassey nominated Efe and Ese

8. ThinTallTony nominated Uriel and Efe

9. Ese nominated Uriel and Bassey

10. Efe nominated TBoss and Ese

11. Kemen nominated Ese and Jon

12. Bisola nominated TBoss and Uriel

However Biggie decided to Nullify (cancel) all the nominations for this week.

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41 Responses

  1. Binainu Shaibu says:

    3t and bally must go home since Ttt go against efe by nominating him

  2. Binainu Shaibu says:

    We are going make sure they go home, with last kobo, if it means using 1 million to vote Efe to win no problem

  3. Binainu Shaibu says:

    Up team m. Efe we need to removed thin tall Tony , bally and bassy they go against us . ooooyah let vote them out

  4. Tumak j says:

    If Efe is up,mehhhn I go spend my cash like oh my God in gifty's voice,after all hubby says he knows dat I really want EFe in d house and said I really spent his cash voting my EFe when he was up.Team Efe,though I still like other housemates but mehhhn my Efe is d bomb.

  5. Lilian Daka says:

    Woow this is becoming so intetesting

  6. Lilian Daka says:

    Woow this is becoming so intetesting

  7. Mark Young says:

    Ttt is useless, the betrayed EFE, he thinks him staying in the house is just in the hands of the fellow HM's, he is just a betrayer, if he come up for eviction, e go see how many people go vote for am.. he has just lost my vote

  8. Anonymous says:

    ttt is a bad man efe saved is ass just some weeks ago and how he nominated efe as for bassy is days are already numbered efe is blessed by God

    • Anonymous says:

      Basset is chosen by God. Old warrior people is just a game. Eve voted gifty out yesterday and she felt bad. The is desperate OK. Old I will spend by cash on basset hmm.i_ a game pls

    • Anonymous says:

      Bassey is chosen by God. Please warri people is just a game. Efe voted gifty out yesterday and she felt bad. The is just a game. Leave basey alone eve is desperate OK. I will spend by cash on bassey hmm.i_ a game pls

    • Anonymous says:

      Bassey is chosen by God. Please warri people is just a game. Efe voted gifty out yesterday and she felt bad. The is just a game. Leave basey alone eve is desperate OK. I will spend by cash on bassey hmm.i_ a game pls

    • Natalyn Brenda says:

      I asked Efe' fans to vote TTT out last week instead of Gifty but no one listened. So glad he is turning against him. Biggie please proceed with our request for Efe' BD. i want him to feel guilty and start focusing on TTT. TeamTBOSS

  9. Binainu Shaibu says:

    Big brother release the list let start voting

  10. Binainu Shaibu says:

    We here to vote TTT out

  11. Binainu Shaibu says:

    It is now you we know that efe has fans, we are here to send TTT and every other betrayer in the house against our man,

  12. Blessing Ohionoya says:

    #TeamEfe This one na wise talk oooooo, make we no talk too much we wan dey expose some of the strategies when they our minds and kidney according to my man Efe. So make we chill na new week we dey.

  13. divarie says:

    Pls TTT,I hate the way u act,u betrayed someone that loves u genuinely, he cried on ur chest and even insulted others when u were up for eviction. Ah,u are a bad person,u lied that u were not married and now u snitched' on ur Frnd pls come and go home

  14. Blessing Ohionoya says:

    Give us our guy Efe for eviction, we go show una again say the guy get fans die. I dey like person wen get kidney dats y i like dat guy die….

  15. Blessing Ohionoya says:

    But anyone when them pair with am for eviction don enter am ooooo

  16. Anonymous says:

    I dont get it with these Efe Fans. Efe has been nominating Tboss for 3 consecutive weeks and his fans see nothing wrong with it. Tboss also has a fan base remember. TTT was wrong by nominating someone who saved him once. I admit but it does not call for insults. I advise Efe fans who send message on TV to stop insulting other housemates. It will only backfire. When you look at the history of big brother votes-you need other housemates fans to vote for your favourite on the last week. Gifty had 27%-you think it wont count!TTT had 35% you think its nothing- be wise and constructive. Your vote alone cant make Efe the winner-if other housemates fans decide to come together and vote against Efe he will not smell N25M please be wise.

    • divarie says:

      The final winner can only be decided by GOD,I hate pple who back stab others. Efe has been voting against Tboss and DAT simply implies that he is not close to her and if u check it out u will find out DAT he is consistent, DAT is someone who is loyal. I am not against everyone I am against TTT for been a snitch,and I believe others are too.

    • Anonymous says:

      its called LOVE, YOU CANT BUY WITH MONEY. BASSEY AND TTT Waiting for you guys to be up and you are so gone, we will teach teach you that even in the jungle loyalty must be paid

  17. Victoria Eso says:

    Well EFE is a spoiler, why does he want to remove TBOSS by all means, well what goes around comes around Efe will definitely go home please leave TTT and Bassey alone.

  18. Binainu Shaibu says:

    Ttt and bassy is now you will know why I am lord of the wizard and super human , I would make sure we vote you out for nominating my efe who save you last week .

  19. Binainu Shaibu says:

    Na so blessing, the person don't enter

  20. Trhymes says:

    I know say Efe nor go dull me ..Warri boy? Shuu All na shopable oooo

  21. Anonymous says:

    Please team Efe should stop blaming TTT for whoever he nominated because Efe has been nominating Tboss for 3 consecutive weeks and we the Tboss fans has never complained or used abusive words on him.Whoever the cap fits let him/she wear it cos God has the final say.

  22. Anonymous says:

    hi biggie ,its sharon oprah from randburg i want to see jon and tboss in love

  23. Anonymous says:

    betrayal is betrayal…why are people comparing Efe and TTT relationship to that of the other hhs like Tboss and Gifty! You guys know very well that TTT, Efe, Bisola and marvis connected from day 1…TTT is a traitor finish and klaar! yes, its a game but for him to nominate Efe at this stage with so many options on TV…He is friends with marvis and yet he on national TV said he does not like her because she is too boyish! Ehy is he pretending to be friends with her? He has spoiled a beautiful was cute watching the 4 of them together..He is even using Bisola! She has a irte to know whether he is married or not…plus has no respect for his marriage vows! I guess the wifey is used to being cheated to! Ag..He really disappointed a lot of people including those who are not Efe's fans , believe me!

  24. Anonymous says:

    who is Efe, TTT, Bisola or Bally when there are the likes of Uriel, Debby, and BAssey? Guys vote wisely so u don't waste ur votes and regret later cos I wont be here to tell any1 sorry o! #Team URielBAsseyDebbie

    • Anonymous says:

      YEs Vote URIEL the real housemates

    • Anonymous says:

      dont worry , we shall post our sorrys here! you can come to check them..we wont be sorry 4 voting for Efe, Bisola, Bassey or Marvis….we will only be sorry for them not winning….though Marvis needs to try harder …so dont worry, continue voting for Uriel, Debby as the votes are the only way to remove cochroaches from the milk!

  25. Anonymous says:

    What is Bisola that gossip still doing in the house…manipulating others with her fake accent and demeaning attitude! #TeamEvictBisola

  26. Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous February 22, 2017 at 12:42pm
    I believe the name you are looking for is Uriel, not Bisola… know? the gossip with the demeaning attitude and fake accent

  27. Ikhide Jane says:

    There is Godooo! 25m

  28. Sylvester Leo says:

    some times people talk as if the house mates are not into a game. it's a game every one want's to clear way for his or her self. lets be matured in doing things.

  29. Binainu Shaibu says:

    If like vote for any other, only me can make efe win, with God on my side, 0ne millionaire is enough to get him a victory, from Asokoro TEAM EFE ABUJA

  30. Binainu Shaibu says:

    I like the poor boy, he his a true Nigeria

  31. Nthabiseng Mofokeng says:

    The house quite without my bishops

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