BBNaija 2017 Week 2 Nominations: Find Out How Housemates Nominated Each other

Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 2 Nominations Results

Well as Biggie promised, the real nominations have just taken place today and every housemate was only allowed about 45 seconds to nominate two housemates.

Bally was in fact the very first housemate to be called into the diary room by Big Brother, below is a summary of how the housemates nominated.

– Bally nominated: Soma and Miyonse

– Uriel nominated: Bisola and TBoss.

– Kemen nominated: Miyonse and Soma

– Gifty nominated: CoCoIce and Bisola

– Marvis nominated: Miyonse and Gifty

– TBoss nominated: Miyonse and Gifty.

– ThinTallTony nominated:Gifty and Miyonse.

– CoCoIce nominated: Miyonse and Soma

– Miyonse nominated:Kemen and Marvis

– Efe nominated: Miyonse and TBoss

– Soma nominated: kemen and TTT

– Bisola nominated: Miyonse and Gifty.

Ladies man Miyonse received the highest number of nominations 8, he was then followed by Gifty with 4 and lastly Soma with 3.

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47 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    How can i vote as a nigerian living in south africa

    • Anonymous says:

      Visit this link and follow the instructions:

  2. Chuma says:

    as a Nigerian living in south Africa u should look at voting via wechat

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kick bisola and uriel they are snakes

  4. nwihie chevelle ajagha says:

    please let's vote for niyounce to stay i think he has more to offer and to spite the traitor tboss

  5. jennifer daniel says:

    Niyounce is going no where

  6. shityle Atoza says:

    Miyonce gotta go, but for Efe it is a little harsh however, that's the rule so fine. I'm confident Efe will eventually stay. #Team Tboss.

  7. shityle Atoza says:

    Debbie and Bassey got swag and do show some promise.

  8. Unknown says:

    EFE all d way. Yeye cocoice with her cigarette brain

  9. Anonymous says:

    Giftty should carry all those her rages and leave the house teambisola all the way jor

  10. Anonymous says:

    Team miyonce

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love to see meyonce and tboss together, pls biggie shouldn't cut short their feelings

  12. Anonymous says:

    Soma all the way please let's save him because he still has enough to offer

  13. ananymous says:

    Pls lets vote for miyonse,he is being real and wil entertain us more with his boo dat betrayed him .pls guyz vote so dat bb wont be boring.#bbnaija$

  14. Anonymous says:

    Pls guyz give miyonce a chance,last night was so romantic,i luv bassy, debbie rise, bally, miyonce and tboss dey made my night.

  15. tony brown says:

    Team EFE.. please how do I start voting

    • Anonymous says:

      Visit this link and follow the instructions:

    • Jewel Isaiah says:

      Let miyonce go home,this game is for men#Team TBoss….let's see how her life will be like without Miyonce in the house

  16. Unknown says:

    Team efe all the way pls how do i vote for efe. Pls everyone should join me save efe

  17. Unknown says:

    How do i vote from South Sudan Biggie. i need to save my boy miyonce.
    soma should go

  18. Donald Etolue says:

    EFE all d way…. pls guy let save Efe pleaseeee

  19. Usman Sani says:

    Efe the house is yours yu aren't going anywhere.. I vote yu 100%

  20. Donald Etolue says:

    u can vote via SMS type VOTE EFE to 32052

  21. Anonymous says:

    TEAM Soma…
    VOTE SOMA send to 32052.

    Uriel is very irritating in that house.
    Pls tell her we don't wanna see her cry.

    Bally ride on. TTT and Bisola you are the Bomb.
    Tboss and Cocoice strategic people.

    Gifty who is your father? Dangote or Otedola or Who??
    Pls tell gifty we don't want those incorrect fake accent of hers again. She(gifty) thinks Ghana is Europe?? kikikikikiki(laugh)

    Marvis the youngest, well-done.

    Kemen,bassey weldone too.

    Efe nah wa oo. Area boy. Hustle continue.Efe nah wa oo,survival no easy bah.

    Debie-Rise be yourself and stop unnecessary attachment.

    Miyonse/beyonce you are neither here or there and you aint smart with your plans and it seems you have stabbed youself.

    BigBrotherNaija is the Bomb am enjoying every bit.

  22. Kelvin Johnson says:

    miyonse…..fuckn bitches,draning hoes n exposing thoughts aint the life we choose….niqqa take it as a beef or anything else….buh u gotta stop chasing girls…..start cooking bruh

  23. Kelvin Johnson says:

    miyonse pls go home

  24. Anonymous says:

    Pls guyz text vote miyonse to 32052. He has to stay cos the luv drama has just begun n i can see its getting real n pure #bbnaija

  25. Anonymous says:

    Text vote miyonse to 32052 for more entertainment,the house will b boring without miyonse n tboss luving dia luv drama lyk kilode #bbnaija

  26. Anonymous says:

    Tboss begs u guyz to vote miyonse to stay,she regrets nominating him, if only tboss knew miyonse was real but was just being too playful n unserious.luv watching dem #vote miyonse#bbnaija

  27. JUSTICWE IYKE says:

    Big brother is not about womanizing and unruly behavior pls Miyonse and Coconutrice, pls leave big brother house immediately

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Jewel Isaiah says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    Pls text vote miyonse to 32052, dont no y dey re hating on d innocent guy. He is entertainig n real, nt a coward lyk sum pple in dat house.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Vote miyonse pls he has to stay.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I luv dat guy miyonse so kul n caring. He cooks so well n is very understandable. #Team miyonse pls we nid more votes 2 kip him#

  33. Anonymous says:

    Text vote miyonse to 32052. He is one of d reasons dis show is entertaining #bbnaija

  34. Unknown says:

    How can viewers nominate house members for eviction? #bbnaija

  35. Treasure Amarachi says:

    To everyone who voted Efe… Greetings to you all and we can do more. YES WE CAN

  36. Treasure Amarachi says:

    Efe, Bisola and TTT for the final…….

  37. Tommy Porter says:

    Kemen AKA Lipson……….

  38. Cocuuamurangi ndjambii says:

    my girl gifty love you always day in day out

  39. Shamsudeen Abubakar says:

    MIYONSE is the Man am voting for him over and over again.

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