BBNaija 2017 Week 1 Saturday Night Party Review

Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 1 Saturday Night Party

Big Brother Naija Day 6 House party Previews: Last night’s Big Brother Naija house party was full of Drama.

After the housemates engaging for their first house party organised by Biggie, They got back into the House and continued from where they left off, drinking. “Guzzle in the system…!!”

DJ Xclusive signed out with the Nigerian National anthem and he was applauded by all the housemates after his signing out.

Efe who was defeated by “ZOBO” and amplified by unveiling the true him. He appeared to take it a bit personal that TBoss refused to dance and he expressed his dissatisfaction to the other Housemates. He also expressed the fact on “How he doesn’t care about what people say.”

CocoIce took some time away from everybody and sat out in the garden by herself, collecting her thoughts, and free-styling to herself while she enjoyed a smoke.

Bally took it more with Head of House, Uriel who she told he has atleast learnt to connect with people most compared to how he was outside the house but Uriel warned him to keep an element in himself.

Kemen spent some time with TBoss trying to placate her and make her understand that different people will naturally have different reactions to situations and he also took out time to let her know that “with me, what you see is what you get”.

But more interesting was when the housemates hooked-up with their crushes during party and they all kept it in PG.

Kemen and Uriel had a moment on the dance floor; a continuation of the lap dance sessions they had in the house earlier.

TBoss sat in a corner the whole time, and Miyonse had to keep her company.

Gifty had a moment with Miyonse before she went back to dance with Soma.

Meanwhile, In a couple of weeks we hope to see housemates unveiling the “real truth of them”. Lets wait and see?

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