Day 70: Bally Evicted From Big Brother Naija 2017

Bally Evicted From Big Brother Naija 2017

Week 10 Evictions: After spending 10 weeks inside the Big Brother Naija house, Bally has been evicted from Biggie’s house.

Bally has indeed left the Big Brother Naija house in high spirits with just one week left the Grand finale that takes place on 9th-April-2017.

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The mood in the House today has been pretty good and as Ebuka asked the Nominated Housemates to stand on their feet he explained to them the new twist Biggie had added to the Evictions process for this week.

The Nominated Housemates will get a visitor into the House and the Housemate whose family member shows up will be the one Evicted.

Ebuka had the family members of the four Nominated Housemates stand in the Arena as they waited to find out which one amongst them was going back into the House to usher out their family member.

As the doorbell rang, the Housemates all sat tense waiting to see who would walk in.

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As the door opened, Bally’s friend Omatola walked in to usher out his homeboy Bally.

As he swaggered onto the BBNaija Stage, Bally still maintained the calm demeanour he walked into the House with.

He sat with Ebuka for a brief Q and A session where he talked about his future plans as he plans to engage his life outside the BBNaija House.

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36 Responses

  1. Olubiyi Kuforiji says:


  2. anonymous 112 says:

    Wat rubbish

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fuck this show!!!! Of course something fishy is going on I'm not surprised this is naija. Serious Ojoro

  4. Anonymous says:

    I feel really bad for bally

  5. anonymous 112 says:

    #EfeNation #bally I love u…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fuck big brother

  7. glorioushope says:

    too bad .we will miss you………………..

  8. jaggle botha says:

    mmmm so tboss waz saved wat a shit not fair 4 bally??….teambally all day Lon9

    • baby says:

      Becos teamefe came thru for bally lastweek u feel u can come here to talk rubbish! Run off joor! Housemates' fans r talkin! Bally dat doesn't even v fanpage!mtscewwww. Lemme help u, go to instagram, search for @officialtboss_! FYI, dat page was created just 3 months ago and it has over 109k followers! Beat dat!

  9. Anonymous says:

    All the bedt to the remaining housemates, paftivularly Efe my IGWE!!

  10. jaggle botha says:

    too bad 4 bally so EfE will be fucked by those chiQs??…..

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dont swear people…ull make the enemy happy! Fovus on the new week now!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why guys guys guys and worst of all some dull fellas still remaining. If Biggie give Tboos winner, he will tell me what he has with her.

    • baby says:

      He owes u no explanation! If u watchin wit dstv, u v an oportunity to tune in to chanel 157! Africamagyoruba is super entertainin too! Hahahaha. Tboss for d money!

  13. obinna stanley says:

    Not really happy, Big brother is not fair ooooooooooo.

  14. anonymous 112 says:

    #Efe for the money

  15. Ibi Elohor says:

    Not just Efe for the money,Efe fans make we do our best for Efe. Make we start to vote now,

  16. Ibi Elohor says:

    Not just Efe for the money,Efe fans make we do our best for Efe. Make we start to vote now,

  17. anonymous 112 says:

    Already started@Elohor…God bless #efenation.

  18. Mario Garcia says:

    Ojoro BIG BROTHER naija.. Bally that had the highest vote last week suddenly had the least vote this week! Ojoro well done!we know you are using tboss and Debbie rise to make money. Foolish show..

    • omosexy says:

      Come, it's not by force to watch, talkless vote! U don't v to watch o, and trust me, even if u no vote biggie wnt even notice!

  19. Tizzy says:

    Ok let's get things straight, all of u always saying tbose should bounce and there is rigging in d results every time she stays, please answer this few questions:
    1. How many votes do u give 2 d nominated HM u vote for?
    2. Are u aware dat even if she is just just a table in d house(which she is not) she still has family and friends rooting for her?
    3. Are u also aware that in events like this it is how much u can spend voting dat really matters and not how many people you have (but yet don't vote)?
    4. Do u know dat each HM do have their selling point and whether u like it or not people will definitely identify with her brand.
    Please let's give all HM an equal opportunity rather than doing character assasination..

  20. Tizzy says:

    Conversation between debie rise and tboss some weeks ago:
    Debie: remember I told you dat i saw u and I in d finals(prophesy)
    Tboss: yes and I haven't forgotten about it…
    That talked about being in finals together about 2 weeks ago and now it's a reality…

  21. Anonymous says:

    The STAGE is set for TBOSS to emerge as the WINNER of BIG BROTHER NAIJA. Any discerning
    mind can figure it out with BALLY being evicted.

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is all about a FACE that can be put up in the MEDIA to promote sponsors PRODUCT.
    WATCH OUT!!!!!!!

  23. Joy ken says:

    It's so obvious that big brother naija is partial. I wouldn't be surprised if Tboss win this money. A lot of funny things going on. Paypot really is really on top of the game with his so called "bosslady".

  24. Anonymous says:

    To all Efe fans,
    Was BBnaija made for Efe?
    Is BBnaija House Efe papa house?
    Does Biggie owe Efe anything?
    What makes Efe more qualify than other HM.
    What has Efe contributed to the house?
    If u people are sincere to your self, you would av by now known that Efe is the least qualified person out of the 5 remaining house mate to win the price money.
    Even Debie-Rise has far more talent and prospect than Efe and she is presentable and suitable for brand ambassador.
    Bisola has far more talent than Efe too and she is presentable too.
    Even TBoss can express her self and can be used as brand ambassador as she is presentable as well, same with Marvis.
    But what does Efe has to offer apart from telling himself that he is real and from the street.
    Tell me who is not from the street in naija?
    Abegi, make I hear something.

    • Anonymous says:

      Am sure ure a tboss fan that doesn't vote.pls stop all this and just vote for ur sure ure an empty barrel.pls go to cbn and get loan to start voting for ur favorite and stop discrediting someone jst because you want urs to be the best.

    • anonymous 112 says:

      Is the show a talent hunt?how many times have you taken out time to vote for your fav#sms or wechat? U talking about been presentable,how presentable are you to your conscience?

  25. Joy ken says:

    It's so obvious that big brother naija is partial. I wouldn't be surprised if Tboss win this money. A lot of funny things going on. Paypot really is really on top of the game with his so called "bosslady".

  26. Anonymous says:

    After this eviction of Bally we are no longer intrested in the show!! Not because we are fans of Bally burt because of the uhnfairness of it all. TBOSS is cleary favoured, she had arguments with most housemates, even with her so called friend Debbie Rise – yesterday.She was seen wispering to Debbie on camera violating a house rule -no strike was given.When her sister visited she was the only one allowed to actualy unfreez..reached for her sisters hand imediately..untill big brother anounced she should stay freezed.The other housemates had to bare the brunt some did not even lift eyelids (BISOLA) in fear of violating the rule by remaining freezed.Big Brother Nija, I was impressed with how this show was conducted at first, based on development of life skills and mastering the art of housemates reaching their full potential.BUT sadly have to say I granted the organisers of BBNija more inteligence than to keep a player( TBOSS) in the top 5 , who had everything going her way due to her minipulative character.SAD SO VERY SAD Im pretty sure she will walk out the winner too…whereas housemates like Bisola,Marvis and Debbie Rise strived hard and persevered through tough conditions to secure their place in the top 5
    We lost our faith in Nigeria after having your Country on the top our list to visit next.DISSAPOINTING!!

  27. lilian atieno says:

    I couldn't agree more….. You said what I was thinking exactly. Nothing nowadays can actually be fair…. Plus if he was to evict two people. .. Marvis would have gone but they didn't want that so that Efe can share votes with her… I don't think the polls have been fair since Bassey's time….

  28. Anonymous says:

    This baby thinks she knows a lot…whereas shes a stupid fool! Whilst TBoss and Debbie fans came full force, most of Efe people did not vote….do u think when u hv time to chk TBoss instagram everybody has tht time? Some of us use time to do better things ….. get a life pls! Efe is winning big brother naija 17..even if he doesnt win nobody will die; Stupid fool!

    • anonymous 112 says:

      #I am so in love with you…no wonder #baby 👶 thinks low…insult to some smartass babies

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